Stunning Sundogs from Milan—Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MilanLook at these outstanding Sundogs!!!!  Charlotte’s husband was on a fishing trip and shot these amazing photos of two sundogs.

More-SundogAren’t they just awe inspiring?

We are gradually warming up here.  Which is a very good thing!

We got the house winterized….THANK HEAVENS!!!!  Terry and I were really getting tired of that house and the pressure it was creating. YAY!!!!

Tomorrow we will begin to combine all over again.  It will be nice to have the pressure of the house and the harvest overwith.  Two more weeks….(I hope).

Well, off now to get something around here done…I think (I know it’s early) I will get my Christmas stuff out and start decorating…heck why not?  I’m not having Thanksgiving Dinner (we will be going to our daughter and son-in-law in Grand Junction.  🙂 )  so I can start slowly decorating.  Getting in the Sparkle of Christmas——– NICE!

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19 thoughts on “Stunning Sundogs from Milan—Tuesday, November 18, 2014

  1. The shops in our little market town have already decorated their windows for Christmas and the lights are going up this week-end. I must saythat I am also getting prepared – my Christmas puddings are made and two of my cakes (I make four, three as presents) and another one is scheduled to be made in the morning. I hate rushing and need to do everything at a steady pace.

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  2. Love the sun-dogs… We saw some one year while at the beach in North Carolina. Gorgeous… Love your fantastic header also.

    Glad you got the ‘other’ house winterized. I know that you all are glad to have that huge project completed.

    Hope you get your corn harvest done… We still have work to do in the yard. The weather here has set us back also… I was hoping to get the leaves totally up by the end of this week–but not sure that will happen now… Oh Well– As you know, we are not in control of the weather. ha


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  3. The sundogs were a nice gift to you and to all of us through your sharing! Thank you. Glad you got the house project done…. and it will be fun to not have to cook the whole TG meal — you deserve the break and the visit with your kids will be great. WE’ll also be at our daughter and family and we leave for Florida the following day.

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  4. The sundogs are really pretty! And your sky pictures are out of the world beautiful!!! I have Thanksgiving here on the farm every year, so I don’t start Christmas until after that. The last 8 years Christmas has been at my daughter’s and her in-laws….well, this year the grandsons have asked to have it here on the farm!!! I’m tickled!! They all help me decorate and last year we started a new tradition of getting take-out for Christmas dinner. Last year was Italian and this year will be Rudy’s barbecue and all the fixins. I kinda like that. Thanksgiving is always the traditional food, but as we get older, we are enjoying not cooking for Christmas. We do the baking of cookies, making of candy, etc., just not the meal.

    Glad the house is done!!! Blessings!

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