A Gift from the Heart—Monday, November 17, 2014

A mighty wind continued to howl and scream giving the massive, heavy dark clouds a gigantic push all night Saturday night and into part of the day Sunday.  Just to walk outside would take your breath away as the  ❤⊱彡considerable strength of the wind shoved and pulled until the clouds and the ice storms moved on–heading toward the middle part of the United States.


Gradually the tail winds eased leaving behind a large arctic air mass, which will follow the rest of the vortex in an meandering sort of manner by the end of this week.

We woke up to 7* this morning…this is November, not even the end of November…with the day warming up to 30*….typical January weather.

Orange 1

BUT AT LEAST THE SUN IS SHINING!!!  I can take most anything if I can see the sun.

Our son-in-law and the two oldest grandchildren left right after dinner yesterday.  It was sad to see them go!  It’s always sad to see them go, but with the going is the returning so I hang on that thought.

Today Terry and I will be winterizing the other house; blowing out the pipes and filling the drains with anti-freeze.  If there was a furnace down there we wouldn’t be doing this, but there isn’t—not yet.  Not for a spell.

We are both ready for a break from the upkeep and the maintenance of that house!

Finally, finally I am catching up with all your wonderful emails and comments since the passing of my Fuzzy Dude. I thank you so much for all your thoughts and your continued contact with me.

Linky left me a packet of wonderful little letters on my pillow….I’m sharing with you one of her drawings…


Checky is the grandchildren’s dog before Hank Puff.  Checky and Fuzzy were very good friends, also.  Checky  is a doggy angel saying: Way to go Fuzzy!  Fuzzy is also a doggy angel saying No, don’t rain on Dad’s corn.  Under Fuzzy and a magic net to keep the water off Grandpa’s corn.  The corn is happy and full of butterflies.

A small but perfect gift from the heart!

Your friend,



20 thoughts on “A Gift from the Heart—Monday, November 17, 2014

  1. What a sweet and thoughtful little girl….and her drawings are great!
    I’m with you on the sunshine thing…..if it’s sunny out, I don’t have a problem doing whatever outside….no matter how cold….layers, layers, layers…I just done like peeling them off when I come inside! Lol


  2. Blessings on Linky – what a sweet heart!! I’m guessing Checky and Fuzzy will be keep close watch over the corn and all of you this winter. We’re blessed with wonderful pets.


  3. Sure hope the weather improves for both of us soon! We need to do our harvesting, don’t we?

    Your pictures are beautiful, Linda! How sweet can that Linky be?!!! So empathetic for Grandpa’s corn and the little fur babies that have passed. So much love shown by her! You will certainly treasure the letters and drawings for many years!

    Hugs and blessings!


  4. Wind was dreadful here on Sunday. Sometime during the night it stopped. Was very still early this morning but now a little breeze has come up and the temp has gone from zero to almost 40. And, lots of sun. I’m with you on the sun. MUST have sun.
    Love Linky’s drawing!!


  5. What a wonderful drawing Linky left for you. She’s a very perspective child, although I’m sure you already that. Enjoy your sunshine and then please send some this way. I’ve nearly forgotten what sunshine looks like!!


  6. I am so very sorry for your loss! Love to hear stories from your family. I also love the beautiful picture your grandchildren drew. I live in Maryland but I dream of living in the mountains of Colorado. Is land cheaper out there and where are good spots to live? I have two children and thinking of moving. Always wanted wanted to live on a ranch or farm . God Bless!!


  7. The heart of a child is so pure. This sweet picture points to one thing—you raised your daughter right. She, in turn, has raised the gentle soul that is your granddaughter. What a glorious gift!


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