The Clouds have Left–Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Oh the joy of a sunny sky!  Albeit a weak wintery sunny sky, but still storm and cloudless!

I’ll take it!  The temperature is even a small bit warmer!  I dance for joy!

Today Boomer and I will walk right after lunch and enjoy the high point of the warmth of the day…we will walk down all the corn fields and over toward the hay field.  Which reminds me, today I really need to take the four-wheeler out and gather up all the siphon tubes….sunshine and warmer temps flood my soul!

I also need to finish up all my Thanksgiving baking…now THAT is going to be a chore, because the out-of-doors is calling to me!


Your Friend,



16 thoughts on “The Clouds have Left–Wednesday, November 26, 2014

  1. Hi Friend, Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving to you. Even in places where Thanksgiving is not celebrated (or celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November like ours is) —it can be a time for each of us to take time to thank God for our blessings and also not to forget the “Giving” in the word, ThanksGIVING. We all have lots of blessings —but many times, we ignore the giving part….Not just on Thanksgiving Day, but all of the time, please take time to contact family/friends just to say HI… And remember that a big SMILE can lift someone’s day…. Little things like that can really HELP..

    Glad your weather has turned so gorgeous… We may get some snow tonight/tomorrow morning –but not much….

    God Bless…
    Happy Thanksgiving.


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