X Marks the Spot—Wednesday, December 10, 2014

X-marks-the-spot-1Looking out my kitchen window this morning I saw the crossed trails as two jets winged their way to places I can only imagine.

FLooking further down the sky I saw the mirids or Canada Geese flying in to spend the day with us.  Quickly grabbing my camera and coat I slipped out the back door….carefully, carefully so that little Boomer dog would stay inside by the fireplace.  (I didn’t want a delighted baying to set in and scare away the birds! 🙂 )

GeeseThe mist was heavy on the corn fields surround the house so the shots aren’t as clear as I wanted, but you can still see the bounty of Canadian Geese we are enjoying.

Arrived-1Carefully I crept along the fence line…careful, careful…one, just one odd sound and they will rise in a great mass honking in alarm.

The sky and the earth was over-flowing with the joyful sounds of the geese!

Not-leavesAs the day brightened, and the mist lifted, even more Canadian Geese arrive…so many it looks like leaves off that wild plum trees.

They stayed for two days then moved on up to another field about 1/2 mile from us…but lucky for me…I was home when they chose to grace the next door field.

Somethings just must be shared…the bounty of beautiful geese is one of those things!

Your friend,








25 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot—Wednesday, December 10, 2014

  1. Ahhh—the video told the whole story… Love hearing the geese… Wow–that’s ALOT of them, isn’t it???? Bet Boomer would be mad if he knew you were out there enjoying the geese and he wasn’t!!!!! ha



  2. We get Canada geese on our fields Linda, but only a dozen or so at a time. I have never seen a flock like this – providing they are not eating anything of your crops then you are so lucky to experience their beauty in such numbers.


  3. We get Canada Geese here on our farm, but usually only a dozen or so at a time. I have never seen a flock this size. Providing they don’t eat your crops you are so lucky to see them in such numbers. Well photographed.


  4. Oh, I so missed the geese we had in the fields and at lake behind the house in Longmont. Opened the windows, listened and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. beautiful pictures and intriguing as the plane lines look the same I hope that they did not pass the same x at the same time….
    as for the geese…yes they are a splendid sight ( a big plump one for Christmas dinner) only joking..they look a lot better flying free…thank you Linda


  6. I want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog–especially likes the monday blog on the joy of land and sky. Thanks for writing to us all.


  7. Oh my, you may not like my reply. I love, love that sound, but because it reminds me of childhood hunting with my Daddy. We would see geese “working in” to a field, find the home that belonged to the field and then ask if we could hunt. Often, it was “yes, but only if you bring me a couple geese.” I can remember crawling on my belly with my gun at my side, trying terribly hard not to make a sound. Once close enough, we’d stand up and the roar of the geese was deafening. We’d shoot and often bring down enough geese to meet the limit for the day. Those geese helped feed us when meat was too expensive at the grocery store.


  8. I’m blog hopping today and found you through CeeCee’s blog. I love your blog! I’m sure I’ve never seen so many Canada geese at once, and I’ve never seen any kind of crane. I’m going to love visiting with you!


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