I’m Late, I’m Late—Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I’m late today! Very late!

But we have been up and at’em since 5 this morning.  What a joggle of a day.

The brakes went out of the LOADED grain truck —this time the booster.  This time the truck stays parked until the brakes can be fixed.  (This is exactly WHY most people do NOT want to deal with old equipment…but I digress!)

Thankfully the truck was in the yard and parked under the car port…blessings abound!

We covered the completely full truck up with a tarp and tied it down.  Then while Terry ran over to a neighbor who works on semi’s, to see if there were parts he could get to fix the truck, I got the house straightened up ready so we could go get the other truck.  Hines said Terry could use one of their trucks to finish up our fields (two to go—well, really 1 3/4 to go).  If everything holds together we hope to be done by next week…fingers and toes crossed and magic thoughts and prayers…even a knock or two on wood!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Rainbow for me

I have two beautiful photos from a long-time blog friend, OneFly...the first is a stunning rainbow he sent awhile back

This-was-on-the-way-to-San-and the second is a photo when he was going to San Jose…he loves the tropical places and travels somewhere warm and lush every winter. (This was taken in 2012—I thought it was fun to share it today, being how it is winter and brown and drab here 🙂 )

DragonflyThis winter he is in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where he shot this stunning photo of a very magenta dragonfly!  How Cool is THAT! 🙂

I thank each and every one of you who send me photos to share!  What a joyful gift these photos are, brightening my life and those who read my blog!

Your Friend,





16 thoughts on “I’m Late, I’m Late—Tuesday, December 9, 2014

  1. ‘When it rains, it pours’!! I’m glad you were able to get another truck to use while finishing the corn harvest. I hope you can get the loaded truck with the brake problem fixed to get that load to the elevator.


  2. For those who read the comments Linda and I go back a ways. She has become to me a good friend. I respect how she and Terry farm and for several reasons. We have never met and are long distance neighbors living in the same state.

    Thank you for the link!! It was nice to get the “fly” picture as the one I took in Costa Rica the poor fellow was dead but still impressive looking. This one gave me 6 tries and there was just one good one.

    Farmers/neighbors help one another. You can bet everyone out around Delta is scrambling to get this field work done.

    Old stuff does break. Glad this truck wasn’t rolling downhill.

    May the weather Gods behave for the next week/10 days.


  3. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you! Down here, the cane harvest is finally finished, and as I write, there’s a big thunderstorm building overhead – just lost the power, I’d better go and turn everything off! Hope we get some rain, and not just the banging and crashing…


  4. So sorry about the problems, Linda, but I admire your good attitude. Wish I had a better attitude when it comes to this horrible knee pain.. I know I need to be counting my blessings –and I try to do that. But–I need to learn from you to just go with the flow–realizing that there’s nothing else we can do… Prayers for you all to finish the harvest SOON.



  5. Oh good luck on the machinery — frustrating but good to have good neighbors. You are obviously as good a neighbor and friend in real life as you are in blogland! It’s lovely how you share with others and they with you. You are a role model for us all. As I am sure you are in real life too.


  6. I’m glad no one got hurt with the brakes going out on your grain truck! Here’s to good weather and working equipment so you can finish your harvest. You must be exhausted!


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