The Other Big Birds—Thursday, December 11, 2014

SHC4The Sandhill Cranes are starting to make our area more and more their home.  Three miles away is a slough they have found and grabbed as their own (although, they seem to be sharing very happily with some ducks)

I tried to take a decent video but….well, you see.  Still it gives you and idea of their calls.


This is a close-up!  Beautiful birds…but VERY SHY!

SHC-1We have a few in the pastures at the upper end

SHC-2And hiding in the harvested corn stalks!

CGHere they are getting ready to land in our corn field Terry harvested first!

Aren’t they beautiful?  Lucky, lucky Us!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



19 thoughts on “The Other Big Birds—Thursday, December 11, 2014

  1. They are such beautiful creatures…..sometimes you can hear them, but never see them. They like to float with the thermals. Very neat you have that many….you are very lucky!


  2. ducks, geese, cranes as well it sounds more like a wild animal sanctuary than a working farm ,,but yes they are so beautiful and you are very lucky…we get a few buzzards and the odd pigeon and of course in Spring we get storks


  3. They are absolutely beautiful and I hope they get to stay on your farm where it is safe for a long time. Here in Florida they tend to walk around on golf courses and get hit by errant shots. We visited some in a rehab center, where a man makes prothstetic legs for ones that have been injured that way.


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