NO EXCUSE—Tuesday, December 16, 2014

There is absolutely no Excuse for dumping out an animal!  EVER!!!!

I DO NOT care who the person is that does it or the reason why…if I could have caught them in the act THEY would have caught the bad side of my tongue AND I would have turned THEM into the sheriff’s office! 

Grrrr and sigh all at once!


Someone dumped off this very beautiful older male cat.  I have been trying to capture him for several weeks now…finally last evening I did!!

He is AT LEAST 6 or more years old, has been declawed (how did they expect him to catch his food and eat?!?!??!?), and is so thin I can feel all his bones, also he is extremely shy.


He has been running wild now for some time so I’m having a hard time calming him down. But this morning after a huge cat fight with me (if he could have hurt me he would have) he and I sat for an hour and just relaxed…almost, almost I felt a faint purr starting to develop, then the phone rang!  All bets were off at that point!

My oldest daughter knows someone who wants a house cat and is willing to take this ‘fixed’ and declawed kitty to live in the house with them.  (Cross your fingers, toes, arms and legs that she takes him!)

On top of this cat being dumped off whomever the jewels of humanity were also dumped off a young female at the same time whom must have had kittens.  I suppose they kept the kittens and got rid of her!  GRRRRR   Anyway, I now have to catch an in-heat female.  She is tame enough I can pet her, but she skitters away when I try to pick her up.  (Magic thoughts that I can get her caught and to the vet SOON!)  I also hope to have a family for her, so help in that way would be good also.  I’m not sure if she is declawed or not, she certainly hasn’t been fixed so I doubt if she has been declawed.

What a nightmare for the cats!  A pox on whoever dumps animals!!



35 thoughts on “NO EXCUSE—Tuesday, December 16, 2014

  1. As silly as it sounds this just brings tears to my eyes. I’m so glad you were able to catch him, the poor dear is probably so scared. I can’t agree with you more that this is reprehensible. Thank you for caring for these animals!!!!


  2. I am with you on this issue. There are so many places that take animals in and find them homes these days, at least in my community. The local radio station even has free announcements for lost and homeless animals. Your heart is good, Linda, and bless you for being a champion for these lost souls. I love animals ! Merry Christmas to you and the homeless pets.


  3. There is a place in hell for these people. Our Lobo, whom you see in my avatar was a dumped cat. He was tame and came up to my husband, crying because he was cold and hungry one December. He had been neutered. He is loving and gentle, and anyone who could abandon such a wonderful kitty should be shot. You are a good and loving person, Linda, for helping the lost and broken animals/


  4. Good for you. There seem to be a lot of people who expect other people to take care of their mistakes and misjudgments and think that country people can’t have too many strays.


  5. I agree with you Linda – how can people do things like this. Animals give us so much love that to abandon them suddenly is cruel in the extreme. My son has a cat who came in with a badly shot-up front leg which had to be amputated, so Sinbad is now three legged. We get plenty of semi-wild cats around the farm and I feed them while they are here, but they soon disappear.
    Here in the UK people are now going round stealing pedigree dogs to order for people who want one and don’t want to pay the full price for a particular breed.


  6. We have the same situation. Living on a county road there is enough distance between homes that someone can let an animal out and never be seen. We have had black lab puppies and cats.
    People think they cn get rid of the animal and they will be ok. Lot of cayotes find them I am sure if not found by someone. Some fish have been put in the creek or river and are not right for the area and can really cause problems.
    Around here in south central Kansas it is a very big fine on such things. Sharon Drake


  7. How nice of you to catch and take care of him. I hope he and the other cat both get good homes. It is so sad how irresponsible people just dump their pets somewhere in the country when they’re tired of them. Since we live somewhere in the country we’ve had a few.


  8. This happens where I live, too. People dump off cats at the ski resort near my cabin. Then they have kittens. It’s how I acquired several of my own cats over the years. But there are more that I can’t get near and can’t touch. I don’t know why people think this is acceptable.


  9. I so agree with you!! I have the same problem here, also. Living out in the country must make people feel that they can dump their unwanteds in this area (and yours) and we’ll take care of them. So, so aggravating! I’ve not had one recently, but sure had quite a few a few years ago.
    Thank you for taking care of that poor defenseless male. Sure hope someone does take him. And good luck with the female. Bless your hearts for caring for these kitties and dogs that are left there.



  10. With the humane options available to everyone now, there is indeed no excuse for dumping an animal. I’m very glad you had enough humanity within you to provide another chance for him.


  11. When we had a dairy farm people dropped cats and sometimes dogs off often. Sometimes we had twenty or so barn cats, they gradually disappeared but more came. They relished the warm milk my Dad gave them. We never had mice in the hay and very seldom snakes.


  12. Awww, dang! I sure don’t understand ‘those’ people. At least they have you! I am glad you are OK, totally agree with you, grrrrr, and glad for those who can love those kitties. He is sure a nice looking guy =^•^= Best of luck 🙂


  13. I agree with you Linda. And what a beautiful boy kitty you caught. I hope you find a nice, patient home for this guy after what he’s been through. Hope you can catch that girl running around outside too. I’m so glad of your good heart. Thank you for the good things you do, not just at Christmas, but all year through! (sounds like a song doesn’t it?) :o)


  14. Maybe the boy cat snuck out of the house and got so far he couldn’t find his way back. Let’s give humanity the benefit of the doubt. He sure is cute. 🙂 Thanks for being so good to them inn caring for them and finding them a home. Smile!


  15. I was the animal control officer for our town for three years. A lot of dogs and cats were dumped out here in the woods. I have to believe that karma will kick in. Before being the ACO we took in three horses, four pigs, two goats and I don’t know how many chickens. I once dognapped a sweet soul that was tied to a dog house, starving because coyotes were eating her food, and caught up in the legal system. If I’d waited to get her through the court she’d have died. Sometimes legal isn’t ethical. Bless you for saving them.


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