A Little of This and a Little of That—Thursday, January 8, 2015


This is a photo was taken by our oldest daughter while she and Jason were up on the Uncompahgre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray, with the accent on the pah).  Winter on the plateau!


It’s melting here!  Bright sunshine and warmer temperatures are quickly destroying all the footprints in the snow.


I am not sure if this is a canine with a bum leg or a lame deer.  My vote goes for the deer–although, I’m really not sure.  A dog could drag a leg, but more than likely they hop along on three legs.

TracksLittle birds…of which kind I’m not sure….we have quail, pheasant, plus many little song birds.  There is also a possibility that mice have scampered over the birds tracks.

MetlI have even brought out my EVERYDAY shoes!  Feet need to see the sun!  🙂  That’s my theory, anyway!  🙂 I can only wear these ‘shoes’ when the snow is still frozen, the rest of the time–I wear boots.

BirdUnder the big cottonwood tree in the yard, the snow has melted and turned to dry dirt—makes a joy to haul wood.  I even raked around the wood pile yesterday!

Another storm is due in here in a few days, but for right now! I’m enjoying this warmer weather and the sunshine!  YAY!

Your friend,



18 thoughts on “A Little of This and a Little of That—Thursday, January 8, 2015

  1. Yay for the sun — and the photos of the tracks are really interesting and fun. Just looking at your bare feet makes me shiver. I can’t stand to have cold feet. (I even used to wear bed socks when we used to have winter. So glamorous, you know )) Can’t say I miss them!)


  2. Yup. A line right down the middle of the country–weatherwise. Not sad at all to be on the warm side. Haven’t traded my shoes for sandals but I did dare take the car to wash off the road grit and chemicals without the fear of all the locks freezing shut.


  3. I love it when all the snow is fresh and pristine and you can see all the little wildlife tracks in it! Then along comes puppy and kitty tracks, too, once they brave the cold. Love your header and pictures, Linda!



  4. I laughed at your flip flops. They are my go to shoes when I need a pair quick.
    We’ve had very warm weather here too. Had 3 inches of snow one day, by morning it was gone and we had mud everywhere! Was interesting feeding cows.
    The wood pile yard looks nice. I have a raking addiction. I rake everything. Lol! Must be my OCD! Hehe


  5. Great shot of Boomer. Love all the footprints. Flip-flops and sandals are never far away for some of us. 😉 I didn’t expect to find yours outside on the snow, though!


  6. wearing flip-flops in the snow…..! I wear my fur lined boots and they stay on till all the snow and cold has gone…the footprints are intriguing…could there not be rabbit as well.
    Beautiful photos


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