What a Wonderful World—Thursday, December 31, 2016

Here we are…the last day of December in the year of our Lord 2015.

Tomorrow we start a new year,  2016. A.D.

What an amazing time to be alive!

Sometimes I get over-whelmed by the scary stuff going on in the world, then under-whelmed at the cruelty and desire to hurt and maime, with seems to also abound.

Still—here we are time to think about how we are going to make the next year better, how we are going to help ourselves and our families, add depth and good things into the lives of friends and strangers—-Resolutions for some, goals for others.  A chance to have a clean start—to start over, so to speak.

For myself I have lots of little goals:

  1. I want to downsize all my ‘stuff’, it’s time to get rid of my antiques and collectables. I have no one in my family interested in my ‘junk’, so I will be finding others who would like to add my things into their things.
  2. I want to write very good, descriptive blog posts—posts by which my readers can related .

And above all—

I want to enjoy each and every moment of every day I have left in the rest of my life.  This is my most fervent wish of all time.  I do believe for me—time is short.  Time might end 20-30 years from now, but that is short compared to the years I’ve had—66, and in 15 days 67.  So much can happen in a year…so very much.  But if I can Live each moment with true wonder and joy what a great blessing I will have experienced.

With wishes for a wonderful year for you,

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Winter Fun, Even if it is Snowing Again—Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Snowing-again-1It’s snowing again.  We won’t be doing corn until the year 2016.  What a mighty unusual year this has been.  We are NOT the only farmers in our area having this problem, everyone is having the same problem.  There are a few loads of high moisture corn going to the elevator, but only if the elevator calls and asks if you can bring some down.

We have two of the grandchildren for the week.  Our oldest granddaughter is staying with her BFF for a couple of days, she will be with us this afternoon.  Winter-RideOur youngest granddaughter has been enjoying Aunt Shannon and Romeo.  Although, rides don’t happen often they do occur frequently.

RideWe had a BFF of our youngest granddaughter come spend the afternoon with us — we went down to feed Romeo carrots, pet all six dogs, and the two cats…pick up and love on at least 4 of the eight chickens — Aunt Shannon asked if they would like to go for a ride on Romeo.

So from down at Romeo’s house, clear around a couple of the corn fields, and down the lane to our house they got to ride. Two very excited little girls.  Shannon left them off at our house and trotted back home.  The highlight of the whole afternoon, I can assure you.

This afternoon our daughter in Craig and our grandson should arrive.  For the New Year we will have all our grandchildren—a neat way to start out the year.

Snowing-again-1All this snow would be a really nice thing, if the corn was just out.  But, it is what it is, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Still no Harvest—Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I loved these two photos from FaceBook; thought I would share them with you.  The header and this one.

Water and snow

Still no corn harvest…Terry will check tomorrow to see where the corn moisture is…he and I are hoping with all this cold the corn has dried it down enough we can begin.  What a strange, strange year for harvesting.

Hope you have a good one today!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Christmas Blessings—-December 27, 2015

CraigWe loaded up the car, took Boomer to Shannon’s and WENT TO CRAIG, Colorado for Christmas!

SnowingEven though it was snowing here.  What’s a little snow when there are grandchildren at the end of the drive?

I drove…that is saying lots, since I do NOT like to drive on bad roads.  Terry drove home…it was much, much worse then.  But we caravanned with our son and our son-in-law and daughter from Grand Junction so that helped.

Snow-WalkWe had a great time.  I went with Linkin to see the pigs (then Uncle Evan went with Linkin) the pigs had lots of company off and on for Christmas.  20 inches of snow and -18* with a high of 12*.

The photo up above shows Linkin walking on her ‘short cut’ to the house from the pig barn…’Come on, Grammy!  I have a trail, just follow in my foot steps.”

“Okay”, I replied.  First step into the trail I sunk up to my knees…I’m just a wee bit—tad bit–a HUGELY bit bigger than an eleven year old.  We both had a good laugh.

Snow-MailThe grandkids and their Dad built a snowman around the mailbox…a surprise for the mail man.  I thought it was cute!

KidsWaiting for the big day!

We brought back the two girls. Blade and his Dad are going to very cold Bronco game on Monday, then they all will come here for the New Year!

Some gifts really are priceless, don’t you agree!

Your friend,



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—An Annual Christmas Story Friday, December, 25, 2015

“Mom?!”  I wiggled my way up to Mom’s lap.  Then putting my paws on Mom’s legs I looked at her with my big pleading beaglie eyes:  “Mom is it alright if I tell Fuzzy’s Christmas story again?”

Mom patted me on the head, rubbed my back and gave me wonderful doggie ear rubs.  “If you would like, Boomie-Boo.  Fuzzy always told the best stories.”

With that she gave a huge sigh and settled me down beside her.  I licked her hand and gave very happy tail thumps.

So here we go.  A Fuzzy Christmas Story.

It all started like this:


Fuzzy and I were laying outside in our dog houses, sorta like I am right now.  Suddenly Fuzzy asked, “Are you sleepy, Boomer?”

“No not really.  Are you sleepy Fuzzy?”

“No.  I haven’t done much today but sleep.”

“You know, Fuzzy, I was wondering do you know anything about this time everyone calls Christmas?”

“Well, I know a few things—like our people always put up trees, and hang lights outside so we can see the best bushes to pee on.  They go to town lots and come home with packages that Mom puts all over the place.  Then she puts those packages under the tree and waits.”

“Then the big day comes and everyone is here to eat food and drop stuff on the floor and eat food and laugh and make an even bigger mess than we would EVER think of making!”

Really, Fuzzy…that is all there is to this Christmas Thing?

Well….really ….Boomer, no…no that really isn’t what Christmas is really about…it’s so much more.

Gosh, that’s good Fuzzy, please tell me.  I really want to know.

Okay, Boom…it goes like this—

When I was a little tiny pup many, many years ago my Momma told me this story.  My Momma said her Momma told her and her Momma before that all the way back to when this story started.

This sounds really good, Fuzzy I’m all ears!

It’s called—How We Got Christmas

Oh!  Good!  Now I will know.  Thank you, Fuzzy.

Well, a long, long time ago in a land far, far and away, a land full of sand and giant animals called camels.


Yes, Boomer.  But the story isn’t about camels.

Okay, Fuzzy…I’ll listen.

In this land of sand and camels and sun…there was a man and a woman traveling to a big city to pay their taxes for the year.

What are taxes, Fuzzy?

They are like, hummm—if you have five bones and Mom makes you give her one because she thinks you have too many, then that one bone you give Mom is a tax.

OH!  I don’t think I like taxes.  I’m really glad Mom doesn’t make us pay taxes, Mom gives us the BONES!!! J

Go on Fuzzy, I like this story.

Okay, the man and the woman were traveling to this big city; with lots and lots of other people. There were so many people that all the places where people sleep were full except where my great, great, great, great so many greats that I can’t remember them all, Grandmother Dog was living.

My many Greats Grandmother Dog was the guard dog of a place call an Inn.  It was her duty to watch over all the travelers who came to stay with her Master in the Inn.  She also watched out for all the animals that her Master kept.

Every day my many Greats Grandmother would go with her Master to feed and milk the cow that lived in the stable.  It was this milk that her Master would feed to the people staying in his Inn.  She also helped wake-up the many chickens that were roosting in the stable, and went with the Master to feed and water the donkeys that were resting there until their people were ready to leave again.

My many greats Grandmother had a wonderful job and she loved every minute of it.  Most nights she would sleep in the inn, but when the inn was full she would sleep on an old blanket next to the door of the stable to keep guard over the many animals staying within its walls.

My many greats Grandmother Dog was just getting ready to go to the stable one evening, when a man and woman showed up at the door of the inn.  Her Master greeted the couple and explained that his place was full, that he had no room.

The man then asked if the Master knew of any place, just any place at all whereby they could rest for the night.  The Master said that he was embarrassed to say, but if they wanted they could bed down in the stable free of charge and rest.

Around the corner they all went, the donkey, the man, his wife and my many greats grandmother. Once there, and very close to the cow’s manger, the couple laid down their belonging and unloaded the donkey.  My many greats Grandmother Dog said that the man had very kind eyes and a soft loving voice.  He brushed the donkey down, gave all the other donkeys lots of pets, rubbed the cow’s ears and ASKED Grandmother dog to come sleep with them to keep them warm.

The lovely mother patted the blanket and called softly to Grandmother Dog and even offered her a small tidbit to eat.

Grandmother said it was the most peaceful time she had ever experienced in the barn.

It was just wonderful!

Gradually she fell asleep, lulled by the soft sounds of the other animals in the barn and the warmth of the man and the woman.  It wasn’t long before Grandmother Dog was awaken and asked to go guard the door of the stable. Grandmother Dog didn’t question the command; going to the door and sitting up in a guarding stance.

Like this, Fuzzy?

Yes, Boomer, just like that.

Well as Grandmother Dog sat in the opening of the stable door, an amazing light started to fill the sky. Then the light filled the whole stable!  Grandmother Dog turned from the door and saw that the light seemed to be strongest right over the cow’s manager.

Walking toward the manger ever so slowly and carefully Grandmother Dog saw a tiny sleeping baby.  The gentle Mother of the tiny baby called Grandmother Dog to come closer, to come see the tiny babe in the manger.

Grandmother Dog walked forward and stared at the tiny little bundle of human love and gave the sleeping child a HUGE WET DOG KISS right on its tiny little cheek!

When Grandmother Dog kissed this tiny human the child opened his eyes and smiled upon Grandmother Dog and she KNEW that this new human Loved Grandmother Dog clear through her soul.

Suddenly the light grew so large and bright that Grandmother Dog had to look up to see what was causing so much brightness…almost like the sun was in the stable!

WOW Fuzzy!  Was it the sun? AT NIGHT?  In a barn?

No, Boom, it was a person…a really beautiful shiny person!  The person was so beautiful that Grandmother Dog had to sit down and stare.

This really beautiful person then talked to Grandmother Dog in DOG language!

Really, Fuzzy!  A person can actually talk and understand dog language?

This person could Boomer, because this person was an Angel sent from above, to guide people to the stable.  So the people could see the new little babe and to bring him gifts!

“Oh,” Grandmother Dog said.  “I wish I could give this child a gift.  If I could I would give him my protection for the rest of my life.”

The Angel then looked into Grandmother Dog’s eyes sending love and peace and wonder, filling Grandmother Dog’s heart near to bursting.

“That” said the Angel “Is what this day is all about…the love of this child is for everyone and everything in the whole world. You, Little Dog, understand that you are willing to give – out of pure love – to those around you — which is Christmas!  Christmas is the celebration of the birth of this little babe and the gift of love!   Then the lovely Angel reached down and gave Grandmother Dog a wondrous kiss right on HER nose!

This whole experience touched Grandmother Dog so much that she told every one of her children and admonished each child to pass this story down clear until this day and forever.

Now you know the story, Boomer, maybe someday you will be able to pass this story on to another dog.  That way the gift of love from the little babe and the beautiful angel will never fade away.

Gosh, Fuzzy!  That was something!  I will…I will pass this on, someday, I promise.

Good Boomer, I’m a little tired now. Fuzzy said to me as he laid his head on his paws.


So here I am…just me.  Fuzzy is there with the shiny angels. I’m keeping my word, My Best Friend Forever, I’m passing on this wondrous story, like you asked me too and like I promised you I would.  That way the gift of love from the tiny baby and the sight of the beautiful angel will never pass away.

with-momI thank you, my friend for this story.  Merry Christmas, Fuzzy, wherever you are.  And Merry Christmas to all of you from Mom and I.


Wishing Each of You Merry Christmas—Thursday, December 24, 2015

Terry, myself, Boomer and Monkey, Sam the kitty would like to wish all of you

a Very Merry Christmas.

And for all of my friends who celebrate in other ways and at other times,

I hope your day is  a good day filled with precious moments!

boomer-christmas-4(Mom made me put this stupid thing on…I’m just going to lay here…I refuse to get up.)

“Hey, Boomer!  Do you want a cookie?”


  Oh darn!  I stood up and she flashed the camera!

Close Tree

From our house to yours! 

Merry Christmas! 

Terry and Linda

The Lights (Gifts) of Friends—Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Every day and in every way we are given gifts from friends and strangers.

Some timesI receive a comment left on my blog or on my FaceBook Page or a personal email; other times a fun little package arrives in the mail bringing heart felt joy to my walk down the long lane to and from the mail box.

Other times is a simple sharing of someone else’s celebration of happiness…you know those quick little drive-by moments when your soul responds to a strangers boundless joy.  A tiny spark attaching itself to you, making the rest of your day warm and lovely.

Karen Bringol's photo

(Karen Bringol’s photo she posted to my Facebook)

Yesterday my blog comments, my FaceBook post and my email were full of wishes..Thank you so much! You do warm my soul!

Wall-HangingThen Jan from the Poodle and Dog Blog brightened my walk back home from the mail box with a beautiful handmade wall hanging.  My steps were light enough to carry me over the mud in pixie dust fashion.

Lights-2That evening Terry and I took a short drive around our small town of 9,000 people looking at the Christmas lights

Lights-1Cheerful gifts from strangers, for anyone who wished to enjoy!

Frosted-Cherries-2I am done with all my baking, cooking, planning, and gift wrapping.  Today I clean.

Thank you, my friends, each one of you are a gift!

Your friend,




Yesterday’s Song—-Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Yesterday, we were married 48 years. 48 years, almost a half-a-century.  How wild is that?


A wonderful and dear, dear friend told me (on her 54 wedding anniversary): “When you get to this place in life, and you look back over the years; you realize that there are some wonderful years, some terribly horrible years, some ho-hum years, some “this can’t be happening years”.  Then when you bunch them all together.  Once bunched together you realize that all the years put together make a very nice life”.

You know she was right!

48-YearsI so believe that each day we are alive is a wonderful gift—no matter what happens tomorrow.

Thank you, my blog friends, for being along on this ride of Terry’s and my lives here on a western Colorado farm.

With much love and appreciation,


After a Long, Long Night—-Sunday, December 20, 2015


Terry and I helped remove a huge old 1918 stoker an coal furnace yesterday…a four hour intense job.  And a dirty one on top it.

Not wanting to cook we all headed out to eat a small bite of food.  I think that was my un-doing.  I was ever so terribly sick all night long.  Still [just] on the verge of wellness today.

It’s snowing all around us.  But not right here.  It may come in later in the day or blow out, one never knows.

Until then, I think I’m just going to do my ironing and then sit (lay) around the rest of Sunday.

Your friend,



Corn Report–Thursday, December 17, 2015

ReadyWe pretended  decided to get ready one more time,


One field is very, very, close.  By our moisture tester is says we are there.  But the corn sample Terry took to the Elevator said it was still too high.  The second field is still over-the-top wet.

No matter what your corn moisture tester says, it’s what the Elevator’s moisture testers reads. i.jpg

Today, around noon, we will get different sample from the third field and take it to the Elevator…maybe this one will be good to go.  Maybe.

Three fields waiting.  We’ve checked them one by one.

December is flying by…what an amazing year for corn harvest.  Although, to be sure, we are NOT the only ones with this problem.  A few of the farmers have gotten ‘some’ of their corn in, but not many, and not a lot of their fields.  Together we all wait.


Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,