FOG — Sunday, January 11, 2015

F2Fog rolled in just before the snow hit! (It’s snowing here now)

Nothing is a beautiful as fog.

f1.jpgOf course we don’t have fog like the other parts of the world, we have fog in a very random way.  Fog is Not a staple here, nor is it a common occurrence.  It isn’t rare, but it is unusual.

F3 When we do get fog it’s caused from the large variety of canals and rivers, which are in our area; the water becomes warmer than the air then we get fog!!!  I adore the fog!

Of course it never lasts long. So having it descend on the farm is really nice!

Your friend,



17 thoughts on “FOG — Sunday, January 11, 2015

  1. Fog can be dangerous when we have to drive. Yet like you I fidn it beautiful. Eerie but peaceful. Staying home on such a day when fog rolls over the country like waves on the ocean is my idea of a great winter day. Beautiful pics, Linda.


  2. My late daddy would say.”Summer’s fog will roast a hog and winter’s fog will freeze a dog.” LOL Thanks for the post and pics Linda.


  3. January is Fog Season here in the Pacific Northwest. Almost a daily occurrence as the fog rolls in off Puget Sound. I hate to drive in it, but I love seeing those tall evergreen trees looming out of the mist. It’s like something out of a movie!


  4. I love fog too. In fact, I’ve often felt like it was a life symbol for me, in a good way. I used to live in Portland Oregon which was often foggy. I would fly in and out for work and Portland would disappear and reappear very close to the ground. Then up through nothingness into a bright blue sky only to land in a different part of the world. Ditto Milan. Milan is famous for its fog. But climate change has altered that greatly in the past 15 years. It can be so thick here that you can’t see the houses across the street. I love that. We’re all in it together, not knowing where we might end up. It’s beautiful and mysterious like life itself.


  5. We see fog here as well, with the mountains though it isn’t always around the water. Spring will bring more, in a strip along the valley with the lake and creek. It does give a different view – not very fun to drive in in the dark tho! 🙂


  6. I like the fog as well (As long as no one in my family has to do any driving). It makes for neat photos…and reminds me of all the old tv shows I’ve watched with episodes in a foggy London!


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