SURPRISE—Sunday, January 18, 2015

EFriday night, late….late…late we heard the alarm on the very long lane leading from the main road to our house.

Ding!  It didn’t last long so we didn’t get up to see what or who was coming down the drive-way.  Over the years we have learned that hunting cats, night birds, neighbor dogs and grazing deer will set the “Company’s Coming” alarm off.

Terry stayed right in his lazy-boy watching TV, Boomer only raised his head and went right back to sleep, Monkey and Sam didn’t even stir.  I thought about going to see what set off the alarm, but decided the book I was reading was more interesting.

A few minutes later Boomer rose up with a happy yip and big tail wags just as the back door opened and a little voice called: “GRANDPA!  GRAMMY!  Are you asleep”?  Terry, myself, and Boomer all rushed into the kitchen, while the two cats scrabbled to hide under the bed.

By the time we got to the kitchen the youngest grandchild was flinging off her coat and kicking off her boots.  Then Blade was inside…carrying the huge duffel bag stuffed with overnight clothes and next day clothes for he, his two sisters and his Mom.

By this time Tally had jumped into her grandpa’s arms and Linky was pushing herself through the back door; past Blade to give me a HUGE HUG!!!

Then Blade grabbed Grandpa, Tally, Linkin and myself– giving us all a giant hug!

“What is this all about?” Grandpa asked.

Mom-mom was now in the door looking exhausted and wore-out, but wearing a very pleased smile….”Happy Birthday, Mom!”

“YES!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAMMY!” those precious voices chimed in.

What a special and very much unexpected surprise!

“Just over-night”,, Mom-mom warned…we must get back to Craig (Colorado) by six on Saturday since we have an important function to attend.

Saturday morning flew by and it was suddenly time for lunch.  They wanted to take us out for a late-birthday celebration so down to Pizza Hut we drove—taking the new by-pass which ends right across from Pizza Hut.


Suddenly ….the party was over—waving good-bye we watched their van enter the traffic on main street and speed away toward Grand Junction.  Knowing they had a three-hour drive from here…first to Grand Junction, then to Rifle, after that Meeker, and finally home at Craig.

Gosh, that was nice!

Your friend on a farm in Western Colorado,




23 thoughts on “SURPRISE—Sunday, January 18, 2015

  1. I can remember visiting my grandparents as a child; a mixture of excitement and warmth. I bet they love it at your place. Do they farm too? What a treat it must be for them if they don’t.


  2. What a wonderful family!! The best surprise ever… Thank you so much for sharing this with us – I am smiling like a goof-ball 😀


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