Bookend Trees—Monday, January 26, 2015

BookendsThere they stand, the two doomed trees…the one in the back was hit by lightening two summers ago and needs to come down.  The other one is the closest to us next to the other houses.


Terry had been afraid to cut down the lightening struck tree because he was concerned the wind currents would shift in the yard and cause branches to fall on the house.

2ndThen the other tree became a problem (according to the County Road people) because of over-hanging branches next to the road—the county road people came along and smacked several branches and left the branches they hit with their bucket just flung everywhere….on the fence, on the mailbox, next to the side of the road.

I was raised if you do something do it right- I guess this was right…smack the tree and just leave everything as is and don’t tell anyone.  😦

Terry and I went down and cleaned everything up, after we figured out what happened. Rudely they didn’t even tell us they were going to smack the branches off. Nor did we get a letter or any type of a warning…the neighbors saw them do it.  (Sigh)

SawThe blessing in the county road people’s damage is cutting down that tree could make a different wind pattern and keep any large branches that may fall off the house.  The tree crew says it will…only time will tell.

BeginingToday the work has begun. Later on this afternoon Terry will fire up the tractor with the loader, Boomer and I will gather up the rakes and wheelbarrows and start the clean up.


Here is one last look at the skyline with the bookend trees still in place.

Change is always a constant on this earth, isn’t it?

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,





30 thoughts on “Bookend Trees—Monday, January 26, 2015

  1. Morning! Gee 😦 I hate losing big ole trees. If they could only talk… The history they hold. When we had to cut those 150 yr old Ponderosas last fall due to mistletoe, I cried. We lost so many in the fire around here, just don’t want to see anymore have to go. (Yea, I know. Big baby.) Change…? What needs to be, needs to be. Take care! 🙂

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  2. Trees are so very much missed when they have to be taken down, but if they are a danger then there is no alternative is there? One good thing, of course, is that they make lovely logs for the wood burner. Do post a picture without them won#t you?

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  3. Always sad to lose a tree, and the clean up is very, very hard work. I used to have to do it by myself, just me and my little chainsaw. Just one of many reasons to sell my place back then, but I miss it still….

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  4. It’s always hard to cut down old trees. We have been known to wait a few seasons to see if they would cure themselves. We had an old apple tree that almost did. It clung to life, but never produced any more apples.

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  5. Real sorry about the trees. It is sad. Can you make anything from some of the wood? When one of ours had to come down, hubby made me little rounds .. they were too slippery when wet for walking on but I spread them through the garden and sat pot plants on them. They eventually rotted into the earth… I felt that was a nice and proper end. Hugs 🙂

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  6. it is sad when something dies whether by lightening or just natural..its and end, finish, kerput, gone…just as in life ..when the Good Lord calls, we go. No ifs or buts..we just go and so does nature. Maybe new trees will grow to replace

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  7. Ah, darn it! I’m sorry to read this. I know just how you feel. We are still waiting for our logger friend to come in and cut my beloved honey locust and the big blue spruce in the yard. I hate to see them go! But I would hate more to see them fall on the house or the horse barn.

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