The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Midnight Walk

Walk-2“You up, Boomie?”  Mom asked me as she walked into the Living room.  Normally I sleep on the back porch.  I like the back porch, but when the wind blows I always come in and sleep by the wood stove.  Fuzzy didn’t like to sleep by the wood stove ever, said it made him way too hot.   Sometimes I have to have the heat…my fur is rather thin.


Anyway, Mom came by and asked if I was ready to go for a walk, “We can see the Moon, Boomer.  I haven’t seen the moon for a long time.”

“Walk?!?  Sure!  Let’s Go!”  I jumped up and beat Mom outside.  She took way too long putting on her coat and gloves and hat.

“Come on, MOM!!  LET’S GO!”  I waited for her with a huge smile on my face!

Off we went, Mom and I walked through the corrals, opening the gate was easier there.  We scared about 6 cows who were sleeping close to the loafing shed; they didn’t jump up, but they sure were startled.  Mom and I haven’t been walking late at night, because the weather has been so bad.

Off we headed toward the new pipe, that’s not far, maybe a ¼ of a mile…up we went, me sniffing around to see what and who has been moving around in the cows.  (Not many critters, Momma cows are really serious about not letting strange animals come in where they are living.)


Mom kept stopping off and on trying to get a good photo of the moon.  After a while she gave up and we walked back. By that time the air was calm and I was warmed up so I stayed on my big soft comfy bed on the porch.


“You can come sleep by the fire if you want too, Boom” Mom invited.  But I just looked at her and settled down.  ‘No Thanks, Mom.  I’m fine right here.’

Goodnight everyone,



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Midnight Walk

  1. What a sweet, nice, nighttime walk. Corrals, cows, the moon, and smells to sniff. Sounds perfect. Mom and I are afraid of the dark, so we are in and out quick as bunnies at night.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Ack! Hank and I took a walk at 11:30 last night too! With the full moon and all the snow, it was almost daylight bright. We made it back to the big pond, but that knee deep snow is tough to walk in. If it had been easier going, we’d have probably walked the whole county. So pretty. Glad to know you were out there too :-D.

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  3. i suspect it warn’t anywear near MIDD-night! but it was indeed a real LIGHT (well-lit) night but almost a bit too cold here to stay out long. most my life i’ve never tracked planets, but when it’s clear have been checking on Mars and Jupiter …

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  4. Didn’t do the night walking, but sat on the porch with my sidekick and watched the moonset over the alfalfa fields. It is in the 20’s so am bundled up. The valley is so quiet, everything is at peace. Lovely picture of the moon..

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