Finishing the Winter Chores–Thursday, March 5, 2015

Terry and I are finishing work on the other house…it’s been a process, but we are almost done.

Work-on-the-other-house  Yesterday Terry had to crawl under the house to work on some stuff under there.  Before he even could begin he had to dig out a tunnel.   Together, we finally got a pathway over to the old duct work; he dug and I hauled. Gradually we made a tunnel big enough to get from here to there and everywhere so the work that needs to be done under there can be done.

Today we will finish hanging the sheetrock in the kitchen.  Then we will continue work on the conversion of a unused room into a very nice usable room–a possible extra bedroom.

While working on all this I kept hearing a very unusual bird song…

Towhee-1Finally I saw the lone little bird calling to me—

Towhee-2It was a Towhee!  I (personally) have never seen a Towhee.  I don’t know if this one was blown off course or if we have them all the time. It sure was a friendly little feathered bird.

Towhee-3He/she would hop close to where I was walking, then fly a short distance away from me. I didn’t see another or even a small flock, just this one.

Sure made my work go fast…

Your friend,



22 thoughts on “Finishing the Winter Chores–Thursday, March 5, 2015

  1. Glad you are almost done. It’s been a lot of work, and will be so rewarding when you are all done 🙂
    Rufous Sided Towhee, I had quite a few of them in town. Really pretty birds with a nice song (good ground cleaners, too)

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  2. Whenever you see a pair of jeans in that position, you know right away that it is not the most pleasant task being accomplished. I have many times thanked heavens that I am married to someone who knows how to do those kinds of jobs though (as I’m sure you have as well).

    I like spotted towhees a lot (we see them in Oregon). My bird book shows them as year-round residents in Colorado.

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  3. Hi there, Glad you are completing some of your winter work… We have TONS of yard work to do here –once all of the winter storms are finished… It’s all just cleanup work –but will take some time… But–next week we PLAY…. We need a break and we’re taking one.

    The Towhee wants to be your friend.

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  4. Boy that’s a tight squeeze! Not much room to get out fast if you come face to face with creepy crawlies! Yikes!
    I love little towhees. We have them all over the yard here. Pretty little birds. Almost like a robin but with spots. 🙂

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  5. it is the same colours as a robin nearly and I went to the link given by anonymous but it did not work…. Is this the same tunnel that you had to use when Terry was mending the old fire. I remember that well….how about a picture of this room yet to be done and then in years to come we can see the transformation……love ya xxxxx

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    • No this is the other house, the one the kids were living in. Terry is doing electrical and plumbing. We still need to get a new furnace and new duct work down there…lots of tunnels to dig. 😦


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