A Big Fire—Thursday, April 9, 2015

I was looking out one of the bedroom windows Sunday afternoon, thinking how much I missed the Grandchildren (they had just left, driving away, going back to their lives in Craig) when I saw a HUGE plum of smoke break out to the north west of our place.

Fire-1Just then then Misty called and said they could see a huge fire probably close to the Correctional Facility, on Sawmill Mesa road.   (Five miles away from us).

Burn-1Not wanting to be in the fire fighters way, we stayed home.  The next afternoon we took a ride over to see the damage.  It was vast.  There were still firefighters mopping up hot spots…we even saw forest fire Hot Shot vehicles along with the local fire fighter trucks.

Burn-2The fire was in the Colorado Escalate Wildlife Area.  This is the train bridge, all of us locals call it the Black Bridge.  

Later we learned that Cedaredge, Olathe, Delta, the Correctional Facility, and the Wildfire Hot Shots  were all fighting this HUGE fire.

WindThe flames were being fanned by the 40 m.p.h. winds we were having and had up until last evening around 8 p.m.  The air is calm this morning.

No structures were damaged, thankfully!  As for the cause of the fire…no one knows yet.

Today we start water on the place.  The winds have left and a cold front has replaced it.  That water is going to be cold to be putting our hands into.  But no matter hot or cold the irrigation water must go on.

I leave you now to head up to the head gate with Boomer and Terry.  It’s going to be a very busy day.

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,




42 thoughts on “A Big Fire—Thursday, April 9, 2015

  1. You must be terrified when you see fires like that. Yowsa. We are so much wetter than you, but every now and then somebody starts something up to the west of us and it is scary as all get out. Hope letting in the water goes well. Must be a rough job in the cold.

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    • We did, George! And only got a tiny bit wet. I finally can start the tubes without having to stick my hands in the water…it was many, many years learning how to do. 🙂


  2. Nothing more scary than a bush fire!
    Lightning strikes not mentioned so that rules that out,
    arsonist??? – God forbid.
    I think that your reply to “Spikey” is quite feasible – the train spark!
    And sparks do come out of diesel trains, you don’t require steam trains for sparks!
    Thank God to an extent your homestead and machinery sheds are protected
    to an extent by those ploughed paddocks.

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  3. I was wondering about the fire on your new header. I noticed it when I read your previous post. Fires are so scary. They can grow so quickly, especially with winds like you were experiencing. Glad no buildings were involved and that they were able to get it out. This summer is going to be hazardous for all of the dry areas.

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  4. FireS scare me to death, and knowing you’ve had bad experience I was almost afraid to read this. So glad it wasn’t closer and of course that no one and no blogs were damaged.
    Busy time for you … And Boomer .. With the watering season in force. Hope it is going well.

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