Mount Saint Helens-Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mt.-St.-HelensSuz, another fun blog follower, sent me a series of photos from her area.  She lives in the shadow of Mount Saint Helens, in Oregon.

Mt.-St.-Helens-2Last week she and a friend of hers took a trip to the up the Mountain of Mount St. Helen’s.  Her friend, is Dana Hunter, who is writing a book about Mount St. Helens.

Mt.-St.-Helens-3Anyway…just look at this series of photos!  She said there were taken on the road up to the


Johnson Ridge Observatory, located at Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.


What a stunning and amazing mountain/volcano!

Thank you, to Suz!  I hope everyone enjoys these photo like I did!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm




25 thoughts on “Mount Saint Helens-Sunday, September 27, 2015

  1. Incredible volcano.
    I have flown over it during my travels in 1980 after when it really blew its top
    and again in 1982. Of course no planes were in the vicinity when it was erupting
    but from afar you could see the smoke and ash rising into the skies.
    Both times flying into and out of Seattle. The 1982 sightings were when it was
    “QUIET” and the Continental Airlines Captain gave a great summary as he flew the
    plane around it for both sides of the plane to view the crater.
    Some pilots are really great and allow passengers to see wonderful
    natural phenomena. The Continental Airline pilot was given a rousing cheer
    from the passengers.
    Colin (Brisbane Australia)

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  2. Mye wife and I used to frequently travel I-5 up the coast from Southern Cal to visit relatives on Orcas Island. The year the mountain erupted, we drove up in August. The place was still like a moonscape, with the Toutle river still pretty well blocked and a mound of ash piled 20-30 feet high between the north and south bound I-5. Everything that was normally lush and green was dead and grey, covered with ash.

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  3. Beautiful pictures! I was born in Vancouver Washington the day of the 2nd eruption so I have stacks of newspaper clippings from that time in my baby book. The trees looked like toothpicks spilled down the mountain! So interesting to see it now.

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