Scenes of Fall, Monday, September 28, 2015

DustWe have finished with the pinto beans. Cleaned up the truck and the combines putting them to bed for…well, forever.

Today we start hauling dirt from the settling ponds..

Fall-2Sometimes we haul the dirt in the spring, but this year Terry wants to do it in the fall.

ScatterHe is very serious about renting out the place next year, so he wants to have the farm in ‘perfect’ order for the renter.

WorkWe use this dirt to build up areas that have either washed away or blown away.  This soil is also spread out over the farm ground to fill in holes that have developed.

FallOff now!  My wish for you is that your day is the best it can be!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



35 thoughts on “Scenes of Fall, Monday, September 28, 2015

  1. Only the corn to be harvested if I am correct?
    I hope the prices for the pinto crop are above expectations.
    Retirement??? Well you deserve it and I do hope whoever
    is successful in obtaining the rights to plant their crops in your fields
    live up to the high standards that Terry and you have set.
    Good luck and may the final harvest be a wonderful and befitting success.
    7.50 pm Monday 28th

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  2. Wait one gosh darn minute! You’re dropping bombs here. “Forever”? “Renting the place out”? Has the time really, actually come? I’m gonna cry. Maybe it’s the jet lag, but those words paired with those pictures are just a bit emotion-laden for me. My dear, digital friend, are you ready for this? I wish you both the best with what appears to be a serious transition. What are your plans?

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    • I’m really not ready, but Terry will be 72 in May and he is very tired of farming. Physically he can still do the job, but it takes lots of time to recover if the work is major exhausting. Also, the mechanic work is just plain hard to do anymore. Then the equipment is old (but paid for) to even purchase a second hand tractor we are looking at $200,000 and at our ages we could never work the tractor enough to get our money back. He has looked at all of this carefully and has decided he is ready to retire.

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  3. Yay! for the final days of harvest. Hope you can get everything spiffed up and put to bed before the rotten weather hits. Terry is 72??!! You both look a lot, lot younger than that. All those farmer work-outs have kept you in good shape. Here’s hoping things go well for your change and for many years of good health and freedom.

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  4. Well, I am glad Terry wants to make the change and you will also when you think about it. There is a gut feeling he has and go with it . You will be able to enjoy life and each other, and family and friends and whatever else you both WANT to do.
    My parents quit farming at 60. They sold the farm and moved to town, then out to a small country place . Then to a place in town and was very happy. They had plenty to do and helped build their church and took trips. The thing was they were able and health was good. Quiting farming gave Dad 20 more years and Mom 25 years they would not have had. They worked HARD on the farm and raised 3 kids. The last place we lived was my Dad’s GrandFather’s farm that he built from ground up and when we bought it there was a lot to do to fix it up. Dad said Grnadpa spent life time building it and we spent half life time fixing it up and he and Mom were not able to keep it up. None of us kids were able to take it over, even though we wanted.
    Sooo be glad for this decision of Terry’s . The time would have come anyway and better do it at your time then someone else’s. The more you both talk about the change and realize for the best, it will not come soon enough.One day you will hear yourselves saying” we are so busy, how did we get everything done.” . Farming of any kind is a young persons game and when we all get to a point when that game is not fun or the day to day work makes a person hate to walk out the door,then it is time for a change. besides the expense of farming is sooo hugh and when all they get is a few dollars in the pocket and hard to keep things up, then it is time to make a new chapter.
    You might have more time to write more books about Boomer. Turn your beautiful fields over to someone that will have many blessings you all have had.
    Sorry to have written so much,but better quit. God Bless Sharon Drake. South central Kansas.

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    • No, thank you for the concern and your care, Sharon! Terry says it is for reals, although he wants to keep 10-20 acres to ‘mess’ around with and grow some hay…he will let the rest go. I’m sure a time will come when he won’t want to mess with 10-20 acres anymore.


  5. Dear Linda, I hope that all goes well with the plans to rent out part of your farm next year. I hope that you will continue your lovely blog as I would surely miss it if you quit!

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  6. I think congratulations are in order! You both are amazing stewards of your land and have enjoyed almost every minute of it. 10-20 acres to mess with is perfect. I’ll get the guest room in order 🙂 And we have a couple of road trips to do!

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  7. oh … kay. yer gonna get into real travelin’ trubbul soon, eh? boomer’s life won’t change, much. a sojourn for me is NOT a “sojourn” unless i have canine company. i hope THAT is always true. the dawgz ran 5-some miles up on Mesa Top Trail last sunday. whatta buncha fun for alluvuss.
    we’ll stay … toond ~

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    • I don’t think we will travel…Terry has three old cars his has tinkered with off and on for years. He wants to finish them up so we can drive them here and there (but not on long trips, they are collectibles) And he wants to do this before he is too old to drive. ZOOM!

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