Time Turning Always—Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our kids and grandchildren left yesterday…suddenly the house had an empty feeling, albeit was rather nice.  I’ve reached an age and time in my life where lots of space from noise, conversation, constant sounds is a relief.

I have also reached a place where having them drive away is heart wrenching; the knowledge they are gone —- back to lives far from us.

Happy-BirthdayWe celebrated our youngest 8th birthday! She is a ‘sparkly’ kind of child..fake diamonds and glittered studded boots were the hit of the gifts.  A Chinese blooming candle a delight upon her cake.

Watching her talking with with (our learning to drive grandson), and very modern 11 year old granddaughter,  has caused me to think back over all those many years ago when I was 8, or 11, or……  I remember watching my parents, friends of my parents, my grandparents and my great-aunts and great-uncles.  Observing attentively I tried on their ‘ways’ for myself.  Over time I took little pieces I could use, then looking deeply within I found things that I couldn’t find elsewhere, things that were uniquely mine.

Every year, as the grandchildren get older, I know they are inventing themselves.  Just like each one of us.

Seeing my age-marked hand, there in the corner of Tally’s birthday photo, gave me a start.  For a second I saw my Mother’s hands…no! wait! ….It was the hands of my grandfather, my mother’s father.


Ghosts of those we have loved and ghosts of those with whom we share DNA flit within us.  If I look in the mirror I see Momma looking back, if I turn quickly and look out the corner of my eye my mother’s mother is there beckoning me to come sit by her.  Just for a spell.  In my dreams I see all them again, just like before.  Standing solid in my life. Memories made of ghosts who still touch my heart.

The years have now join with my body producing hair of gray, wrinkles where youthful skin once was, my physical body still works as hard as it ever has, only it take me longer to do what I once did much faster.

Still every thing is good…this growing older, for it means there is still life.

With love, your friend always,




27 thoughts on “Time Turning Always—Tuesday, February 16, 2016

  1. One thing I have learned Linda as I have grown older is that, within the confines of our physical abilities, we have to keep going. We must not give in, sit by the fire and vegetate. We must get out there and do things. And your adventures with Boomer tell me that you are very good at that.

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  2. This is so lovely. I really cherish this incredibly honest and intimate observations. They help me move forward. We have so few role models for aging. And so many, too many for staying–impossibly–eternally young, which is such an abhorrent thought anyway. Thank you very, very much for taking this lead.

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  3. I am sure Linda that you enjoyed every minute of their stay with you.
    Bladen, Lindkin and Tallin are doing parents and grand parents proud.
    I think you should all take a combined bow.
    Holy hell they are all growing up fast – “sprouts of corn like, eh?”.

    After “gloating” that February missed us – well yesterday and last night
    February reappeared to remind us, that “it” was still around.
    Bloody steamy all night but thankfully this morning February has
    appeared to have gone “walkabout” and I hope it gets lost. ha ha.

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  4. These days, I look at my hands and see my father’s hands, the same twist of the fingers, the same length and shape, the same knuckles. The arthritis, however, is a gift from my mother! I enjoy my silver hair, the gleaming highlights so much better than what I struggled to achieve at the hairdresser’s for so many years. Sadly, I have no children or grandchildren to keep me young and remembering the vibrancy of youth…
    I have a poem for you: https://talltalesfromchiconia.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/ageing

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  5. such beautiful and poignant sharing. Thank you Linda. I’m glad you had such a valued time with family…and also that you appreciate the quiet spaces too. All are good. Peace to you.

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  6. Beautiful meditation on the good part of growing older (a journey you have just begun). Isn’t it so much fun to see the way siblings can be so different from each other even in a close family .. I noticed that so much more with our grandkids than I had time to do when our own were at that ‘inventing themselves’ stage.

    That blooming candle is something I’ve never seen and I love it!


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