The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Wednesday—-Farm Life Series Chapter 10, The Third Season, SUMMER, Means Heat, Friday, February 16, 2020

Summer is the season HOT! HOTTER! HOTTEST!

Pant! Pant!

Spring is pretty—I guess.  It does have wind, but still, it is cool enough I don’t pant.

Summer starts sometime in May or June. Depends on what the weather wants to do.

Another sure fact is Mom gets out the lawnmower and

SCARES THE HECK out of me.

I hide in the trees so that big machine won’t get me.

Anyway, for this tiny series, I will talk to you about SUMMER!

Hang on!  I’m sure you are going to be just like me and be HOT!

(Oh, by the way, Mom LOVES Summer. 

Mom IS crazy like I said earlier.)

TLC Cai-Cai


Canada Geese in Landing —-Tuesday, February 16, 2021

When I went out to the hens, I saw a flock of geese landing by the Grain Bins

SHHHHHHHHHHH.  Careful— does it.  They are extremely afraid of people.   There might be guns you know.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Smell the Air —- Sunday, February 16, 2020

Beaglie and I go for a walk daily around the farm.

It’s nice to get out and about, to stretch one’s legs and to expand one’s lungs

Although, it is still chilly…coat wearing chilly

There is a feeling of March in the air.  A decided shift toward warmer and nicer weather

There are about 14 baby cows (calves) out on the land; more to come.

It’s trying to snow right now, so I suppose we will see more calves born. They like to come out in nasty weather for some reason. 😦

Still, there is a smell to air which says March is coming!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Leaving on a Jet Plane—-Friday, February 16, 2018

Making that mad dash to get to the airport, in the required two hours before time, standing in a long, longer, very long line we rushed down to our loading stop and found out we had MUCHO time to wait. Mucho!


The jet was delayed out of Chicago due to weather.

Now the worry was …. will we make our flight to Grand Junction?

Worry, worry, fret!

Oh, well…it will be whatever it is.  We decided sleeping in the airport will give us a chance to really see what the Dallas/Fort Worth airport has to offer.


Gradually it all started working out.  We are up in the air and heading toward Texas.  Finally we see TEXAS!

We are almost to the airport!  YAY!

We got to Dallas/Ft Worth and found out THAT jet was also late!

YAY! Everything is working out!

Oh, yes…we called our daughter, Kimberly and told her we were going to be coming in after dark.

Oh what beauty!  We flew INTO the sunrise going out…and now we are flying into the sunset going home.

Amazing!  AND I was sitting by the right window both times!!!!!

A lady across the isle kept passing her smart phone over to me —she loves sunsets just like I do.

There it is!  In the last glow of the setting sun we saw Grand Junction in the horizon.

We are back.  And in record time.  Kimi was there with a huge smile on her face a warm car to drive us home.

The joy of an outstanding vacation and the bliss of coming home.

From my world to your heart,


As Winter Dims and Spring Brightens—Thursday, February 16, 2017

checking-cowsWe ride out to check the cows at least once a day. (I need a new work coat.)

little-onesThe cows watch us, but never running in fear.  Boomer is their main concern, but he never leaves the four-wheeler.

hidden-as-mom-says Moma’s hide their little ones out, saying to them —-‘stay, don’t move, don’t draw attention to yourself in any manner’.

calfThe older calves no longer care what we are doing or how close we ride.  Their concentration is usually set on something else they find wondrous and marvelous….never seen before.

hidden-001This little on has one eye on us and her ears cocked so she can run if necessary.

sweetieThe wind was quiet, the sun warm and bright, as we traveled slowly, ever so slowly counting heads, counting babies.

well-groomedThis is my favorite, so far.  She is very particular about her fur, keeps it herself well groomed and very clean.  See the curls on the side of her belly from all her licking?  🙂

newWe (Terry, Boomer and I) stop along the hillside listening to the cows moving through the grass, talking softly to each other and/or their calves, the chirping of the Red Winged Black birds adding into the softness of a very lovely spring day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Time Turning Always—Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our kids and grandchildren left yesterday…suddenly the house had an empty feeling, albeit was rather nice.  I’ve reached an age and time in my life where lots of space from noise, conversation, constant sounds is a relief.

I have also reached a place where having them drive away is heart wrenching; the knowledge they are gone —- back to lives far from us.

Happy-BirthdayWe celebrated our youngest 8th birthday! She is a ‘sparkly’ kind of child..fake diamonds and glittered studded boots were the hit of the gifts.  A Chinese blooming candle a delight upon her cake.

Watching her talking with with (our learning to drive grandson), and very modern 11 year old granddaughter,  has caused me to think back over all those many years ago when I was 8, or 11, or……  I remember watching my parents, friends of my parents, my grandparents and my great-aunts and great-uncles.  Observing attentively I tried on their ‘ways’ for myself.  Over time I took little pieces I could use, then looking deeply within I found things that I couldn’t find elsewhere, things that were uniquely mine.

Every year, as the grandchildren get older, I know they are inventing themselves.  Just like each one of us.

Seeing my age-marked hand, there in the corner of Tally’s birthday photo, gave me a start.  For a second I saw my Mother’s hands…no! wait! ….It was the hands of my grandfather, my mother’s father.


Ghosts of those we have loved and ghosts of those with whom we share DNA flit within us.  If I look in the mirror I see Momma looking back, if I turn quickly and look out the corner of my eye my mother’s mother is there beckoning me to come sit by her.  Just for a spell.  In my dreams I see all them again, just like before.  Standing solid in my life. Memories made of ghosts who still touch my heart.

The years have now join with my body producing hair of gray, wrinkles where youthful skin once was, my physical body still works as hard as it ever has, only it take me longer to do what I once did much faster.

Still every thing is good…this growing older, for it means there is still life.

With love, your friend always,