Popping Up all Over—-Thursday, February 18, 2016

It’s trying to rain here.  Breezy and cold with scattered showers.

Cold-front-coming-inI saw a very weak sundog yesterday… which, usually, means cooler to even down-right-cold weather within three days.

Still all in all Spring is coming.  The Red-Winged Blackbirds are back, I’ve been seeing flocks of Blue Birds and then yesterday, when out counting calves, there  was a pair of Western Meadow Larks sitting on the fence as I passed by.  YAY!

OneWe have 80 soon-to-be-momma’s here on the Maternity Ward.  🙂   Yesterday evening I had only counted five new little ones.

TwoBut this morning, as the cows woke-up and started walking toward our house, I counted 9 baby calves.  I’m pretty sure there are more, but I haven’t walked over the whole farm to see how many there really are.

ThreeOh the joy of Spring and new little critters!  Soon we won’t be a Maternity Ward but a NURSERY!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


25 thoughts on “Popping Up all Over—-Thursday, February 18, 2016

  1. Delighted to see the calves coming and the spring birds too. What a wonderful cover photo you have! I think of you whenever I see a sundog or a rainbow now. There was a huge and glowing sundog over the river when Alan and I went birding last week. I tried to get a photo for you but it was gone before we could park. Really bright and pretty though.

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  2. Those Charolais cows and calves must bring a great thrill to you. Spring is about to appear.
    Cross breeding with herefords and angus is common, which may or may not, increase beef quality. I had no idea that Mexico and the Czech Republic have the biggest herds of this breed in the World and the Charolais breed (according to “Wikipedia”) was mainly introduced into the USA via Mexico!!
    Thank God the cows all appear to be de-horned – but “Boomer” will still need his 4 “wheels” well
    oiled if he gets a bit too close to a calf. The calf’s mother just might have “faster 4 wheels”.
    Great to see the sun is out.
    PS: Trying to rain here early this morning (Friday 6.30 am) – a couple of very short showers
    have occurred.

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    • what Colin wrote about Boomer probably should take heed gettin’ too close to a calf … i went on a run near Glade Park w/my two dawgs (one of which recently adopted from the ‘pound’) — they see cattle, they start chasing right away, the cows have calves, the cows turn around and darn near run down the dogs — you’d think the dogs have learned a lesson. i hope.

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      • I hope they have too. Boomer is terrified of the cows. But after 6 years with us he has learned out to walk around them. Fuzzy was a good cow-herd dog. Boomer felt secure with Fuzz. Our dogs have never chased cows, which is a very good thing.

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  3. I’m ready for a change of season too, but for a different reason after weeks of temperatures above 95F in the day, not going lower than 90F at night… There’s a band of coastal thunderstorms on the way, but it’ll take another month before we see a significant reduction. I want to get back out into my garden!

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  4. its a wonderful life…seeing all these new creatures being born, it makes you feel that Spring has sprung regardless of the clouds and the rain…..I would be useless as a farmer thos..I would want to keep them all

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