THEY HAVE ARRIVED!—-Thursday, December 6, 2018

Late afternoon, as the sun was sinking over the rim of the Uncompahgre Plateau

The cows arrived!

OH! JOY of MY HEART! ´*¨`*• ♡¸.• •❥

┊  ┊  ☆

┊  ★

Onto the dry brown alfalfa, golden corn stalks and rustling dead weeds scattering everywhere ran the cows.  (And I do mean RAN)

The Rancher and his crew shut the gates and drove off.

By morning the farm was alive with COWS!

♬♬♬ °❤❤⊱彡 °❤❤⊱彡~♥~ ♬♬♬

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Sometimes They Run Crazy—Wednesday, January 10, 2018

196 cows!  Gradually over the month of December the 100 head of cows grew by 96 more

Lots of cows!

Many cows!

As with cows…there are always those ‘clever’ ones who are NOT afraid of the electric fence

Many times in the last week they were here Terry and I had the privilege of putting them back in

Not just in the daytime, but nighttime also

After several times of chasing cows

Running through the night

The enchantment of the cows wore off quickly.

Come Saturday morning, just before noon.  The rancher and his crew arrived

Off they went to another farm on Falcon road.

Regnegade cows—just like regnegade people, chickens, dogs, cats exist anywhere!   🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm!

Bedrooms—That Spot of Deep Contentment—Sunday, December 31, 2017

The cows and the equines have special places they like to bed down

They pick the warmest spot (if you don’t believe me all one has to do is go sit in that spot for a spell, then move to other places and compare)

 That spot is a churn of dirt and poop.  For the minute a cows stands up from laying down, she poops! 🙂
Everyone gathers together in those ‘spots’ the bedrooms, resting and chewing their cuds.  Its a gentle time of peace.

But if a storm is coming in…the bedrooms wait.  For this is the time of bulking up, filling the stomachs with fodder; creating inner heat and warmth.

The Clouds are thick and grey and heavy; the air feels like snow.  But the weather people say there won’t be.  Still the cows and equines say…bulk up…it feel like a storm coming in.

I wonder who will be right?

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Empty Farm Now Full — Thursday, December 7, 2017

When we do a wee walk about out on the farm now… (we meaning, Boomer, Mindy, myself, and sometimes Terry)

The farm is alive with the tiny sounds of grass, weeds, or stalks being pulled with bottom teeth and tongue, then the slow rhythm of chewing; hooves moving through the above making a sort of swishing sound.

The rhythms of the farm has changed– from those of silence (although never silent…the sounds of scattering feet of little mice, voles, squirrels, or other quick but seldom seen creatures, the slow settling of a rock, or a pebble my shoe turns over…the calls of wild birds…no never silent)

To a different type of soothing sounds—the busy grazing of big beautiful cows…cradling the farm in their bovine warmth.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Calf Update—-Monday, February 27, 2017


We took our daily run through the cows (a tad chilly, it is out there)

cuteWe saw 25 visible calves

grayWhich means there are quarter of the calves born


And probably more

newBecause Mom’s hide out their little ones.  And if the cow is having her baby she often time will hide herself.

white-on-white-on-whiteSo for right now…there are 25 visible calves on the ground!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-MOM! HELP!!!

momHi, Dad!  What are we going to do today?


Mom?!  Do You have a plan to do something?

Are we going to get to do ANYTHING?!?!?


We are going to work on the fences!  YAY!


Off we go!


Dad is making an old part of the farm into a new farmed field; down the fences must go.

“STAY!” Mom said as she got off to help Dad.  “I don’t want you rolling in anything, eating anything, or being chased by some mad Momma.”

So I stayed.

And I stayed.

The fencing stuff piled up, poles and wire…I sat there patiently.


Then …. Mom.  Mom, there is a cow coming to sniff me.  MOM!



I jumped off and ran to Mom…a wet cow nose on my dog fur is  SCARY!

You know what?!?!?  Mom just laughed and picked me up and put me back on the four-wheeler.

“You are okay, Boomie!”  She has moved.”

Mom said this while chuckling all the time.

But, geez, those creatures are HUGE!  And they do things, like try to stomp me…


Mom petted me and got on the four-wheeler and we were off.


Whew, it’s good to be back home!


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-On the Moooooooooove

Seems like everything is moving along.


Mom, Dad and I go every day…EVERY DAY…to check on the cows, count babies, and make sure the Moms are okay.  It’s not our job, but one we like to do for the cowboy and his daughter.


They come every morning.  They also live a couple of miles from us so they drive by lots during the day.


Dad says we have lots of little nooks and crannies for cows to hide in so a quick check by us is a good thing.  Mr. Davis knows if there is cow trouble Dad will give him a call. Mom thinks this whole checking things is a good thing.  So off we go.

Which I LOVE!


Then yesterday we took a ride onto the Uncompahgre Plateau to check out the snow up there.  And to go for a snow machine ride!  It was cold but FUN!  Also, the snow is starting to melt, so we had to drive a long ways to get to good snow.


Sammy and


Mindy Min-Min Lou are always on the move looking for mice and who knows what else.


Mom and I go for walks at night!  It’s always a fast walk


…a good clip down the lane and back.  Sometimes Sammy and Min-Min go with us.


Then there is the forever gathering of firewood.  Mom and I gather daily, although it’s been so warm Mom hasn’t built a fire in two days.  They say it’s supposed to change come tonight…rains coming in.


Then there are the cows from here and there and everywhere changing pastures.


We see lots of strings of cows moving past our farm.  I always give them a good baying.  (Really it’s not for the cows but those cow DOGS that I give them a good hollering!)


Well, it’s off now to do some moving of my own.  There is always interesting smells to check out!

See ya!



Cow Check—-Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alfalfa-frield-GoneThe cows are ever so calm.  Terry started working the alfalfa field (he is ripping here) and they didn’t even move. (Shows how much we and Davis’ are with them. :0  )

RippingThe Mom’s loved hanging in the field eating the turned up roots.

Rolling-!The little ones didn’t even run from the big loud noisy machine. (Probably because the Mom’s didn’t run or holler at the kids to RUN! :0  )  (Here Terry is rolling)

Rolling-1So Terry had to either get out and make them move or work around them.

CalmCalm, calm calm.

LunchThat evening Terry, Boomer and I rode through the cows on our evening check…There was a BRAND NEW little one just eating lunch.

HurryNow THIS mom decided she didn’t want to have her little one subjected to two noisy four-wheelers…she took off at a run. The little one had to struggle to keep up, but it did.

The-BabysitterAt the Upper End we ran into one of the ‘babysitter’ cows…she had 8 little ones she was watching.

It won’t be long now before Mr. Davis comes and gets his cows and moves them onto his ranch, just below our farm…about a mile away.

Until he comes…I’m going to enjoy every minute of the time we have left with them.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Common Things—Sunday, March 6, 2016

I saw my first Robin yesterday.  It was early morning, then in the afternoon I saw another one. Two Robins.  One at our place and one down at our other place. Spring is here!

Many of the other birds have  started coming back, some I just don’t know the name of, but recognize them as Spring birds.  The last to arrive will be the Swallows.  Once the Swallows appear it will be full on Spring, without a hint of winter.


Every morning we wake up to a smattering of Canada Geese…stopping by of an evening to rest and feed upon the corn fields.

Sand-Hill-Cranes-1The Sandhill Cranes leave the upper cornfields late morning heading North.  For some reason the two bird species do not share the same area of the farm.  Also the geese leave early, early in the morning and the cranes about an hour after sunrise.

I love to stand and watch them.  Boomer has learned to sit quietly by my side so I can take photos, his ears cocked, watching with interest. Still enough I can hear the beating of my heart.


After the birds fly away Boomer and walk back home.  Through the cows and the calves.

Sometimes it’s just these still moments that blaze themselves upon our hearts and brain, allowing us to recall them in complete detail for the rest of our lives.  Small little moments of peace and contentment.

From my world to your heart,





The Land Calls—Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh! Jolly!  This the LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY!  YIPPEE!!

Combine-ready-to-goTerry and I have been working on the corn combine…little repairs here and there.  Yes, I help, invariably we come into the house with cuts and bruises, but it’s getting finished.  Ready for next years harvest.  As I write this he is putting in the last couple of bolts.


Saturday afternoon he started on repairing the heater in the grain truck. It’s very cold sitting down at the elevator withOUT a heater.

farming-starts.jpgWell, I think you have now guessed the answer to the million dollar question—Terry is going to farm.

“Are you sure?” I asked.  Worry in my voice and concern on my face.

“I’m sure. There are still things I want to do on the place, stuff I want to improve on, things that need my attention.” he replied with a huge smile.


“Only stuff I will do, not someone else.”

Planting-alfalfaI need to tear up the old alfalfa field and reseed a new field, take the dirt ditch and turn it into a cement ditch….fix fences so Hank’s cows can come again—if it’s rented out Hank has to take his cows someplace else.


“I really can’t see myself sitting around.”

“But you won’t sit around, you have tons of projects you want to work on, not related to farming.”


” I know.  I truly think I have dirt for blood.”

Sunset and combine 1So there you have it!  We begin again.  At least for one more year.  As long the body and mind can keep going.  We will keep farming on this farm created many years ago by Terry’s grandfather (purchased by us), until time demands stopping.

Changing-Water-at-Sunset-2Your friend  on a western Colorado farm,