Smell the Air —- Sunday, February 16, 2020

Beaglie and I go for a walk daily around the farm.

It’s nice to get out and about, to stretch one’s legs and to expand one’s lungs

Although, it is still chilly…coat wearing chilly

There is a feeling of March in the air.  A decided shift toward warmer and nicer weather

There are about 14 baby cows (calves) out on the land; more to come.

It’s trying to snow right now, so I suppose we will see more calves born. They like to come out in nasty weather for some reason. 😦

Still, there is a smell to air which says March is coming!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



And Then the Snow and Wind Came—Wednesday, March 1, 2017

morningWe woke to wind.  Howling wind and then the snow started

snow-005And it was cold and miserable.


napLots of naps were taken

sam-in-the-sunLazing around on the sofa

mindy-in-the-windwoUntil some of us became extremely bored and had to do SOMETHING!
hummmmmSo Boomer, Mom and Mindy had to go for a walk.  It was just too hard hanging inside all day long.

sunshineBy the afternoon the sun came out and the snow flew away to regions just north of us.

Today is warmer, calmer and drier.

Which is a very good thing.  We still have lots of wood to cut, haul and stack!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Calf Update—-Monday, February 27, 2017


We took our daily run through the cows (a tad chilly, it is out there)

cuteWe saw 25 visible calves

grayWhich means there are quarter of the calves born


And probably more

newBecause Mom’s hide out their little ones.  And if the cow is having her baby she often time will hide herself.

white-on-white-on-whiteSo for right now…there are 25 visible calves on the ground!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-On the Moooooooooove

Seems like everything is moving along.


Mom, Dad and I go every day…EVERY DAY…to check on the cows, count babies, and make sure the Moms are okay.  It’s not our job, but one we like to do for the cowboy and his daughter.


They come every morning.  They also live a couple of miles from us so they drive by lots during the day.


Dad says we have lots of little nooks and crannies for cows to hide in so a quick check by us is a good thing.  Mr. Davis knows if there is cow trouble Dad will give him a call. Mom thinks this whole checking things is a good thing.  So off we go.

Which I LOVE!


Then yesterday we took a ride onto the Uncompahgre Plateau to check out the snow up there.  And to go for a snow machine ride!  It was cold but FUN!  Also, the snow is starting to melt, so we had to drive a long ways to get to good snow.


Sammy and


Mindy Min-Min Lou are always on the move looking for mice and who knows what else.


Mom and I go for walks at night!  It’s always a fast walk


…a good clip down the lane and back.  Sometimes Sammy and Min-Min go with us.


Then there is the forever gathering of firewood.  Mom and I gather daily, although it’s been so warm Mom hasn’t built a fire in two days.  They say it’s supposed to change come tonight…rains coming in.


Then there are the cows from here and there and everywhere changing pastures.


We see lots of strings of cows moving past our farm.  I always give them a good baying.  (Really it’s not for the cows but those cow DOGS that I give them a good hollering!)


Well, it’s off now to do some moving of my own.  There is always interesting smells to check out!

See ya!



Cow Check—-Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alfalfa-frield-GoneThe cows are ever so calm.  Terry started working the alfalfa field (he is ripping here) and they didn’t even move. (Shows how much we and Davis’ are with them. :0  )

RippingThe Mom’s loved hanging in the field eating the turned up roots.

Rolling-!The little ones didn’t even run from the big loud noisy machine. (Probably because the Mom’s didn’t run or holler at the kids to RUN! :0  )  (Here Terry is rolling)

Rolling-1So Terry had to either get out and make them move or work around them.

CalmCalm, calm calm.

LunchThat evening Terry, Boomer and I rode through the cows on our evening check…There was a BRAND NEW little one just eating lunch.

HurryNow THIS mom decided she didn’t want to have her little one subjected to two noisy four-wheelers…she took off at a run. The little one had to struggle to keep up, but it did.

The-BabysitterAt the Upper End we ran into one of the ‘babysitter’ cows…she had 8 little ones she was watching.

It won’t be long now before Mr. Davis comes and gets his cows and moves them onto his ranch, just below our farm…about a mile away.

Until he comes…I’m going to enjoy every minute of the time we have left with them.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Common Things—Sunday, March 6, 2016

I saw my first Robin yesterday.  It was early morning, then in the afternoon I saw another one. Two Robins.  One at our place and one down at our other place. Spring is here!

Many of the other birds have  started coming back, some I just don’t know the name of, but recognize them as Spring birds.  The last to arrive will be the Swallows.  Once the Swallows appear it will be full on Spring, without a hint of winter.


Every morning we wake up to a smattering of Canada Geese…stopping by of an evening to rest and feed upon the corn fields.

Sand-Hill-Cranes-1The Sandhill Cranes leave the upper cornfields late morning heading North.  For some reason the two bird species do not share the same area of the farm.  Also the geese leave early, early in the morning and the cranes about an hour after sunrise.

I love to stand and watch them.  Boomer has learned to sit quietly by my side so I can take photos, his ears cocked, watching with interest. Still enough I can hear the beating of my heart.


After the birds fly away Boomer and walk back home.  Through the cows and the calves.

Sometimes it’s just these still moments that blaze themselves upon our hearts and brain, allowing us to recall them in complete detail for the rest of our lives.  Small little moments of peace and contentment.

From my world to your heart,





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Milk Duds and Beef Jerky

2The cows are here!


Mom and I are in cow heaven!  Every day Dad, Mom, and I head out and count babies.  Right now…the count this morning was forty five calves on the ground.


Some just born overnight, a couple being born, as we drove by, and several are days and even a week or so old.


Now I admit, the other thing I like about CALF season is SNACKS! Mom gets rather irritated with me about SNACKS, in calf season, but (golly-geez!), I can’t help myself they are SO good!


I have to head-out by myself, as Mom gets grossed out and won’t let me snack.  (I must admit Fuzzy never liked these snacks.  I don’t know why he didn’t, he would just turn his head and walk on by.)


The first day of figuring out the farm is now loaded with Milk Duds (calf poopy) and Beef Jerky (after birth) I ate so much I had a belly ache.  Mom told me she didn’t feel one bit sorry for me.  Well, so what, I felt sorry for me.




Popping Up all Over—-Thursday, February 18, 2016

It’s trying to rain here.  Breezy and cold with scattered showers.

Cold-front-coming-inI saw a very weak sundog yesterday… which, usually, means cooler to even down-right-cold weather within three days.

Still all in all Spring is coming.  The Red-Winged Blackbirds are back, I’ve been seeing flocks of Blue Birds and then yesterday, when out counting calves, there  was a pair of Western Meadow Larks sitting on the fence as I passed by.  YAY!

OneWe have 80 soon-to-be-momma’s here on the Maternity Ward.  🙂   Yesterday evening I had only counted five new little ones.

TwoBut this morning, as the cows woke-up and started walking toward our house, I counted 9 baby calves.  I’m pretty sure there are more, but I haven’t walked over the whole farm to see how many there really are.

ThreeOh the joy of Spring and new little critters!  Soon we won’t be a Maternity Ward but a NURSERY!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Moving On—Sunday, March 15, 2015

The cows are starting to move out…Mr. Davis took the Mom’s who still have not had their babies on down to another pasture.  Monday the older calves and Moms will go—- by the end of week we will be cow-less.

UPThen today right after lunch the little grand girls and Mom-Mom leave for Craig, Colorado.

I’ve had a really nice weekend, Mom-Mom helped my oldest daughter and myself with our volunteer job… Walking the dogs at the CAWS Rescue Center in Delta, Colorado.


Next weekend is our son-in-law in Grand Junction, Colorado’s birthday.  Our whole family (including the Craig family) will be going to a birthday bash at their house on Sunday.  So I get to have everyone home again.

The cows I will have to visit with next February!  🙂

Tomorrow farming (for us) starts full-time!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Robins


The Robins have returned!  Mom is so happy she stopped at the store and bought a bag of mealy worms.  I stuck my nose into the bag, but…whew!  It didn’t smell so good.

Then Mom, Dad and I went for a 4-wheeler ride and checked on the cows and calves.


They are all looking good.  Mom thinks there are about 10-15 cows left to calve.


That’s a good thing because they cows all have to leave next week.



The bigger the calf is the better to hoof it down the hill to their next pasture. (It isn’t far, just down the hill from our other house, but a long way when you are brand new.)


Hank’s HERE!  We’ve had a great time already…we’ve barked Mr. Davis down the road, Hank has barked at all the cows a few times (it always gets him yelled at… ‘Hank, stop!  You can’t bark at the cows’!)    We’ve checked out all the buildings and the equipment by the farm yard and hung out in the house with the little kids.

Oh, yes…the little girls are here and their Mom.  My Mom says Hank and his family get to stay here clear until Sunday afternoon!

I know Hank and I’ll be tired when they hit the road, but it will be a good tired.