The Full Moon of February—Sunday, February 21, 2016

Moon-1February’s Full Moon is called the Hunger Moon.  A time of scarcity and want. If you click on the blue link you will be taken to a site that will give you the names of the moon in the northern hemisphere AND in the southern hemisphere.

WarmBut for us it’s finally warming up, of which I am very grateful!

MoreThe warmth is good for giving birth to new little ones.  There are more and more every day. Such a huge joy!

Two full weeks to go until farming starts.  Not long now.  Two weeks for the ‘decision to be finalized’.  Nothing has been carved into to stone (at this point), but the time is narrowing down.  (BUT I must say there is a huge restlessness occurring…


the tractor with the blade has been out and about scraping up the ruts in the long lane to our house, blading in old ditches,

Fixing-Fences-and-gates-2fences have been moved, straighten and re-aligned…

cc.jpgThe woodpile is cut, sawed, chopped, and split …..the sheds straightened and sorted…)

Two weeks…

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,





27 thoughts on “The Full Moon of February—Sunday, February 21, 2016

  1. The cows and calves certainly look in good “nick”. Those “Terry” corn stalks are
    obviously very nutritious and no complaints from the now “nursery” department.

    Fixing fences, checking and straightening ruts………….hmmmmmmmm.
    “The/This/That “Boy” (Terry) is staying “in/at” where his roots are – the land, HIS land”.


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  2. We have had the moon here at our house the last 2 nights. Absolutly beautiful.
    As far as deciding if you will farm this year. use your gut feeling and think back to last year when that thought first came to be spoken and how hard the work was. It will not be any easier this year..It is the same feeling when a person decides to quit a job. My parents quit farming at age 62 and they lived 20 more years of good times and good health,which I am sure they would not have had if they had continue to farm. You can still have some small things to do. Just my thoughts. sharon Drake winfield, Kansas. south central kansas

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