Write It on Your Heart—-Wednesday, February 24, 2016


I collect rocks.  •*¨*•♥  I know…I’m a shameless rock hound.

For those times people ask me what I want for a present (i.e. birthdays and Christmas) I always say rocks.  🙂

I have some very beautiful rocks. And I have boxes of ‘gravel’ rocks the grandchildren have ‘found’ for me.  Rocks they picked up walking home from the bus stop, or when they were out helping us irrigate or pull weeds in the bean field.   .•❥*◝◟¸*  Those are (also) beautiful rocks–gems of the rarest kind.

Rocks speak to me, you see.  They tell me about time…time eons ago.  They measure time ….stopping time, so to speak.  They keep time from flying away, from departing, from ending.  ~♥~

Yesterday I decided I wanted to somehow display my rocks, so I had my boxes and boxes of rocks out going through them; thinking about how to bring them from their containers and into the our daily lives.

And there it was…Rock-Heart

A heart shaped rock!

“Write in on your heart ❤, that every day is the best day of the year.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson `*.¸.*´

Some days it is very hard to remember to do so, but do it anyway.  Then, as time moves forward, when you look back you will start to see the heartbeat within the turmoil.

Your friend within the forever,




39 thoughts on “Write It on Your Heart—-Wednesday, February 24, 2016

  1. From one rock hound to another… Love rocks! And we live in the perfect rock state. I have boxes and boxes of rocks, too. From sparkles to not ~ Think my addiction comes from gold mining grandparents.

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  2. I collect rocks too…most of them are a nice size for a flower bed and when I’m hoeing I see one from this place and one from another place we’ve been…or…one from this friend or that.


  3. i used to have a coffee table and end table set that had glass tops and drawers below so you could display treasures in them. i put rocks, fossils, petrified wood, etc. in them. i’m a rock adorer, too. i have a few perched on my kitchen window sill and a glass vase of them collected on my dresser.

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    • THAT is just what I need … glass topped tables with pockets to display my rocks and petrified wood! I’ have them on the windows sills now…they look right at home. Or I like looking at them in the home! 🙂


  4. Linda, you are truly poetic. I love how you think! I have a couple of rocks that I saved from a very special pilgrimage I made back in 2001, when I climbed a couple of hills and saw the Miracle of the Sun! Every time I look at those rocks, I feel blessed. And I was. Blessings to you and yours.

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  5. Firstly a heart potato then a heart rock….two hearts in one week. I also collect rocks but I do not have as many as you, I had a go a healing using stones but maybe my healing powers are a bit lacking but I still like to look at them and feel them…..

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