A Small Storm—Monday, March 7, 2016


(Sunrise this morning…sun through the heavy clouds in the east)

A spring storm moved into our area yesterday bringing with it snow in the higher country, splattering of rain around us and on us.

Last night we had a huge wind, thunder storms and lightening.

A spring storm.

Today it’s still cloudy and cold, but the long months of desolation are coming to an end.  Our air is full of bird song

Listen-to-the-blackbirds-singThere are Red-Winged Blackbirds in the cattails and in our apple trees!Apple-Tree

Along the fence linesWestern-Meadow-LarkThere are Western Meadow Larks adding the joy in the air.

Robin-7The delightful chirp of the Robin joins into the cacophony.


All replacing the  lonely calling of the Canada Geese and the trill sound of the

Cranes-2Sandhill Cranes. We can hear their calling their way in flight forming Vs of  courage toward the promise of a distant breeding grounds.

CrowsThe Crows and Raven’s on swirling wings bear them up and away to other parts unknown to me. Leaving our trees available for the song birds.


In winter, we see the raptors;


It is in winter the feathered world is reduced to the brutal hunt and eat.  Dark shadows pass overhead, dip down as the big birds hunt for mice along the ditch banks and fence rows. Sometimes a Ring-Necked Dover or a smaller little brown bird provides food for the owl and the hawk.


(Sunset last night…rain on the plateau with sun bursting through the clouds)

As late winter storms come and leave, the song birds return — even though the air is still cold, but not the bitter cold of winter; the sweet fresh cold of thawing earth, the brightness of sprigs of green and the hope of tiny swelling buds on the trees.

I can handle these storms…for it won’t be long now…not at all until the whole world I live in bursts forth into a riot of color!

From my world to your heart,




32 thoughts on “A Small Storm—Monday, March 7, 2016

  1. Gorgeous sunrise. Yes, that storm hit us as well, but we got crispy snow that is almost gone today. All your birds! They are headed our way! Can spring be far behind? Saw a couple of robins so I think the worst is over for another year.

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  2. (we are) verrry similar w/r to da boidz: Betty went outside a few daze back and HAD NEVER SEEN the Sandhills swirling so close over the house. spiraling (looking for that thermal). many minutes, she said. We have a large (dark-backed, white front) hawk most mornings top of the tree right next to the house. Saw our first turtle in our (neighborhood shares it) pond on Feb 28, and then a frog couple o’ daze later. some geese spend the night in the pond, but usually leave, a sort of secondary-alarm-clock for me — as the first/primary one hasn’t done it’s job. we hear an owl, owls but haven’t seen them as clear as your photo! nice one of the cranes, by the way ~

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  3. Mr. Owl in the nearby farmstead will hoot ( sounds like who, who, who cooks for you) and from the river trees below us Mrs. Owl ( I think that ‘s who it is because this one has a bit higher pitched call) answers back. They can carry on a long time! Makes me smile big. Good post Linda, thanks.

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  4. Enjoy ALL your birds, as you are well aware of the situation we have here, thanks to
    the stupidly imported “unmentionables” which didn’t like the wheat bugs in Western Australia
    at the turn into the 20th century ( circa 1920’s) and are now nation wide.
    We get Beethoven’s choralists, the suburbia scavanging Ibis, now and then some rainbow
    loorikeets for the nectar in the flowering shrubs – but won’t see them until September now and the few magpies!
    The cattle in the paddock, behind the Sandhill Cranes are, must be another herd, they appear to be black angus.
    Plenty of late monsoonal rain up north – hopefully inland also in the centre of Qld for the river
    catchments – these rivers run south and are the lifeline of the rural sector for water.
    The sheep and cattle owners, the crop farmers (Canola, cotton and wheat), and right down the bottom to the orchardists and the vineyards.
    Water right down into the far west of QLD, NSW and eventually into the sea at Adelaide.
    All will be very happy if this is happening.

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  5. Today for the first time in 10 days I woke to sun through the bedroom curtains, and no rain. The weather map is clear. I suspect the Husband will disappear this afternoon, and I will hear the sweet song of the ride on mower… The grass is mid calf length, the weeds are longer, everything will be jumping out of the ground after such a big drink and now some sun. And yes, the birds – seemingly ever single one in this wide brown land of ours – are shouting their heads off with joy.

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  6. We had the wind last night, and 3 little rain drips, but no lightning or thunder. I think I saw blue birds this morning but no black birds or meadowlarks yet. The cranes will be along any time now. The magpies and the robins are all busy with spring work and talking constantly. I love spring.

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  7. Great photos, Linda! ♡ Your last one is just stunning ~ This time of year provides great photo ops with our dramatic clouds and changing birds & animals. And you got one of Ruth 🙂

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  8. I love it when the spring birds start coming through mostly on their way North, we are just a stopping off point. Fun to see them all…I wonder sometimes if birds think well lets head to Minnesota where that Border Collie lives and those people with all the bird seed:)

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  9. You framed your joyful day so beautifully with sunrise and sunset. And you know I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful birds .,, spring and winter. I’ve noticed songbirds are very active just before and just after a storm, and I always wonder where they go during it!

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  10. Just awesome bird pictures! Sure wish we got those kind of birds. That sunrise was pretty beautiful. Life sure does has its view’s to enjoy and make a person happy.

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