Common Things—Sunday, March 6, 2016

I saw my first Robin yesterday.  It was early morning, then in the afternoon I saw another one. Two Robins.  One at our place and one down at our other place. Spring is here!

Many of the other birds have  started coming back, some I just don’t know the name of, but recognize them as Spring birds.  The last to arrive will be the Swallows.  Once the Swallows appear it will be full on Spring, without a hint of winter.


Every morning we wake up to a smattering of Canada Geese…stopping by of an evening to rest and feed upon the corn fields.

Sand-Hill-Cranes-1The Sandhill Cranes leave the upper cornfields late morning heading North.  For some reason the two bird species do not share the same area of the farm.  Also the geese leave early, early in the morning and the cranes about an hour after sunrise.

I love to stand and watch them.  Boomer has learned to sit quietly by my side so I can take photos, his ears cocked, watching with interest. Still enough I can hear the beating of my heart.


After the birds fly away Boomer and walk back home.  Through the cows and the calves.

Sometimes it’s just these still moments that blaze themselves upon our hearts and brain, allowing us to recall them in complete detail for the rest of our lives.  Small little moments of peace and contentment.

From my world to your heart,






19 thoughts on “Common Things—Sunday, March 6, 2016

  1. Interesting about the Canadian geese and the Sandhill Cranes and a border line between the two species.
    Amazing the nutrients that the cows get out of those corn stalks as they all appear to content
    and calm in grazing. Seems still a few cows haven’t dropped their calves as they can’t be that fat from the corn stalks!! ha ha.
    With our change to Autumn, it has come so fast, so maybe your Spring will follow suit??
    About 30 minutes of torrential rain here in Brisbane last night and right now as I type this
    it has returned.(Monday 7.00 am 7th March). I think a wet day is in store.

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  2. Beautiful morning light in the cows and calves photos. Here, we continue to be blessed with lots of rain :-), well over 4 inches in the last 24 hours according to the Bureau gauges. And that’s for the sixth day running. The land is getting a good drink at last. It’s great to see all the floodways running, the water management systems in place here are doing their job, it’s just my backyard which is a boggy lake, with rank long grass and weeds because we can’t mow. A small price to pay…

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