Where I Write—Wednesday, April 12, 2016

Celi from the Kitchens Garden issued a wee challenge to those over 5, 000 strong followers to do a post about—- Where You Write. Where-I-write-2As you can see my little office is upstairs with our spare bedrooms–one of the things I love to do is research for Genealogy so I have tons of material which I have collected on both sides of the desk.

Where-I-write1Besides two bedrooms there is a small sitting room—whereby I love looking out the window.

The grandchildren love this upstairs space…spending hours up here when they come.  The interesting thing about all that is it took YEARS for them to even want to come upstairs let along SLEEP up here–I don’t know what changed for them, but they love it up here now. (Sometimes too much…running and jumping on beds is NOT a good thing 😦 )

My little office is private, calm, and personal.  Allowing me a small bit of quiet to fuel my imagination. A place to get away from it all.






30 thoughts on “Where I Write—Wednesday, April 12, 2016

  1. Nice quiet room. Mine is in a one-story, isn’t as secluded and I can hear everything that goes on in the house, so sometimes I have to get my shooting ear protectors and wear them to keep out some of the sound, especially when the daughter is visiting – it gets LOUD then.

    I’m a genealogy nut too. Do you ever get on Ancestry.com?

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    • They must have, I really don’t know. I would ask them, but I only got BIG EYES. So I never pushed them. Then they got to coming up here while I TRIED to write….saw it was a fun place…the rest is history.


  2. Love it! It’s a great space! And with that view, it’s perfect!
    (I used to do a lot of genealogy work, too. Time. Need.More.Time.
    And dang! Online research has gotten expensive!)

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  3. I love being in the centre of things but your quiet calm space calls to me. You have lovely light, and a view. More geneology research is on my when-I-make-time list. Sad to hear the costs are increasing as I had put off subscribing until my available time warranted it.

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  4. I always wanted an attic room…until I had to sleep in one when it was 100* out….but I love you private space. I turned the spare bedroom into an office a few years ago…I have a good office chair and a “reading rocker” with a good lamp beside it. It’s painted a warm yellow that is both cozy and calming.


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