Across the Void—Monday, April, 18, 2016

Way back when, when I was born, I was lucky enough to come to a family full of  FAMILY and friends so close to my parents and grandparents they also were considered FAMILY!

On my father’s side, his mother had a best friend…one she made after she moved to Eckert, Colorado after the death of her first husband (the father of my Dad).  Iva and Grandma shared many things together, including their sons.

Although, Iva’s son was a little bit older than my Dad they became excellent friends.

Both of these friendships–my grandmother’s and my dad’s lasted their lifetimes.

But the gift I received was the joy of the two daughters of Dad’s best friend–Judy and Dixie.  Judy was a year older than Dixie and I, but Dixie and I were just two weeks apart.  From the time of our birth we were best friends forever…she was the sister of my heart. I still miss her.  Judy and I, Dixie’s children and the rest of the world lost Dixie from cancer when she was still a young woman.

My Dixie

I still feel her heart across the void — that huge gulf— called the Other Side.


My oldest granddaughter has had that same kind of wondrous friendship, although theirs started in the First Grade.

BFF-for-ever-moreThey have grown so much!  We are lucky because the girls like to  stay with us!

There is something to be said for taking your heart, giving it a huge toss and hoping the person you are tossing it to will catch it and keep it forever more!

When they do…you are more than blessed!

Sending love to each of you, my friends!







31 thoughts on “Across the Void—Monday, April, 18, 2016

  1. Those very special friends…..they never leave us do they? My best friend passed suddenly when our kids were small. I still hold conversations with her in my head, think of her every time the Beaches of Cheyenne comes on…..and miss her wisdom and sarcastic wit. How wonderful that you are getting to watch your granddaughter grow into such a lifelong love.

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  2. I love this post. I was lucky, too, to have friends like that. 18 years ago, I moved to Milan, and the thing that was the hardest was being so far away from family and friends. Two years after I got her, my best best friend wrote to tell me that she and her husband were moving to London. That’s not Milan, but I’ll take it! I said to myself. We are almost in the same time zone, and can talk without problems. She is still my best friend. And she is almost close. It rekindles all my feelings for her, to see your granddaughter walking side by side with her best friend. It will last forever most likely, you are right. We learn how to be beside each other even when we are thousands of miles apart. Lots of love from over here to over there.

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  3. I do believe we’ll meet again. I lost my best friend to cancer shortly after my 40th and just before hers. Here, 23 years later I still miss her, we were the crazy duo and the pic of your grand daughter reminds me of us, me blonde, Teri brunette.

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    • Canner is so hideous…I wasn’t with her when she passed, but had just left the day before—I had to go back to work. Judy was there, though, and she said Dixie smiled at her just before the end.


  4. Oh Linda .. I’m sitting her tears pricking. What a beautiful post! I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Today was my closest friend’s birthday .. She passed away just over a year ago. I miss her so much as we were friends since we were 11. I love the pics of your granddaughter .. Their friendship is very special. Oh how I wished you lived closer .. Hugs lovely

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  5. I sometimes feel jealous, in a good way, that my husband still lives in the town he was born into, and has friends he has known, and kept, his entire life. People here might take it for granted a bit, but I have no close friend that I didn’t meet until I was at least a teen, and my very closest I didn’t meet until I was in my late 20’s. Maybe it is, like Kate said, one of the reasons why we blog – to find the friends we should have had the whole time! I do love this strange new electronic world that lets us connect across distance and time zones.

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