Angels Walked—Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Today I am doing ever so much better!  I thank you, each and every one!

I have this theory, in which I try to live my life.  Something I practice everyday.  Well, actually I have a theory within a theory.

2I call my theory the Begats— what we think Begats more of what we think…therefore if we are angry…think angry thoughts — act out anger all the time we then draw to us more and more anger.  We begin living in anger. (Or Sadness or depression or peace, or joy, or happiness!)


(Work is always a great healer–we started cutting down an old dead walnut tree yesterday.  The tree died several years ago.  We left it for an owl roost.  Last year the trunk started to split; fearing damage to the fence or building it was now time to remove it.)


The other part of my theory is—one of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the gift to see, and do, and be, whatever it is, they want to see and do and be.

WN-Down-3As we worked I sent out love and mentally drew joy to me.  I also snipped out the horrible thoughts and replaced them with joy for myself. Gradually I grew better.

WN-Down-2I read all your wonderful warm and loving comments to me.  Your words of care flowed over me and glowed in my heart.

ViewThey continue to glow even today for your words, thoughts, hugs, and prayers give me a small shield, whereby the ‘bad’ things can only bounce off, ringing like a bell, then vibrating into silence.

Irish Rainbow

Some of you even sent me rainbows!  (this one all the way from Co Mayo, Ireland)

Your concern and care is amazing!  If I close my eyes and feel the soft movement, of this morning’s breeze, I can also feel something else touched my shoulders, very gently.

Blue-GlowThe Angels Walked Yesterday and they were You!

I most humbly Thank you!

From my heart to your world,





38 thoughts on “Angels Walked—Tuesday, May 24, 2016

  1. I am sorry I missed your sad post from yesterday. I’m happy I tuned in today to see you on the mend from your worries. You are right of course, about thoughts. They bring more of the same into your head and into your life.

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  2. This world of blogdom is quite amazing. I have read of support to others from around the globe in other posts. Too bad the world leaders don’t read some of these posts!

    It’s great how you have taken control of your feelings. Good on you.

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  3. My daughter got e started taking Inosotal early this winter. I’ve fought boughts of depression and a lot of anxiety my whole life. It is changing my life. I can sleep through the night without waking up to freak out about nothing.

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  4. It’s a lucky day to see a double rainbow. Glad your tree went down without incident. Scary proposition. I like your theory. I think it’s quite accurate. I spend a bit of time myself getting into better flow and changing thought patterns. I call it how can I see this differently. 🙂 Sorry I’m so far behind.

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