A Heart Beat—–Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Canyon-rainWe finished up the last set as rain clouds played over the Uncompahgre Plateau, and in the canyons, between us and Grand Junction, Colorado

Rain-in-the-setting-sun2The air was like walking through a hum of bees…the ozone strong enough to be felt on your skin.

It had rained earlier, creating a slick mud on the earth, but only one layer deep.

Rain-the-setting-sun-3When the air is like this it give me a sense of intimacy, as though my soul is flowing out to mingle with sky.

Evening-3I was thinking how I would love to transport you here with me…sometimes photos are just simply not equal to the experience.

It was then I looked down, walking where I had walked many, many times before, when I saw it…

I-found-a-heartI took it home, washed all of the dirt off then took a photo for you.  (I realize, now, I should have taken a photo of it right there, mud covered and all, but I didn’t)

The earth had given me a heartbeat…one to share with you; my friends.

From my world to your heart

Your friend, always




26 thoughts on “A Heart Beat—–Tuesday, June 7, 2016

  1. I love the air when you can feel the energy in produce. Having grown up in Oklahoma, the sky is often saturated with the energy when a storm/tornado is close by.

    Although they’re destructive, the power they exhibit and the energy it deposits on your skin is simply awesome

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  2. Caught up on all your posts missed as we traveled (and spent time in Colorado yay!) — loved them all — could almost feel the heat, loved your beautiful flowers and skies, enjoyed Boomer’s wonderful adventures ..even watching him roll in wonderful stinky stuff, since i didn’t have to give him a bath the next day)) … and I loved the heart — thank you for sharing!!

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