A Tree Top High—-Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Everyday, as I work in the yard, pulling weeds, watering, fertilizing, and deadheading a loud squawking permeates the air.  I move from bed to bed and the squawking follows me:


Pale-Eyed-Thrush Finally I was able to get a sorta decent photo of this loud and gorgeous bird.  Albeit, not a very good photo.

ThrushDoes anyone know what this bird is?  It isn’t a Starling, I know those birds.  They have their home on the west side of the yard.

This little bird also has a very sweet whistle a twwwwo deeeeeeeeeee sound.

I am wondering if it is a pale-eyed Thrush, although I don’t know if they live here.

I am rather enjoying listening to it.   I can tell the difference between HUMAN and CAT!  OH MY GOD CAT…to DOG…there is a DOG!  OH!  HUMAN, HUMAN IN THE YARD!  Calls. 🙂

Thank you for your help!






26 thoughts on “A Tree Top High—-Wednesday, June 29, 2016

  1. is it a grackle? they have some iridescent coloring like that. i have a bunch of them this year in my suburban yard, but i can’t say i would ever like the squawking. it’s nonstop and really grating – they’re always in my yard or one of the neighbors’ yards. (my cats are never outside, but i suppose the birds see them in the windows.) i keep thinking that if i just yell “aw, shuuu-uut up” that the birds will quit, but i know they won’t. they are a hundred times more grating to me than blue jays, for example, which bother other people. but the blue jays quit pretty quickly, and they’re aren’t as many of them hanging around in one spot. the grackles are really annoying to me, i guess, because i like to work in the yard a lot. my neighbors all have chemically treated lawns, and i don’t, so maybe my yard has more tasty grubs and things.

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      • yes, they travel in large groups, and sit in the yard or in my two oak trees or my neighbor’s maples or tall fir trees. that’s why the noise – which really isn’t pleasant – is so grating. if you just have a couple, and having read all the comments below, i hope you do indeed have the brewer’s blackbird instead, which apparently is a more pleasant call. –suz

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  2. Do believe you have a Common Grackle nesting there with you. Yes, a loud Grackle!
    They are kinda pretty.
    Your yard sounds beautiful – as always 🙂

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  3. Living in the UK i really dont know Linda – but it does rather remind me of a bird which we saw on
    one of our US holidays – I can’t remember which one. When we went to bed in our hotel the trees outside were full of a bird which the locals called Grackles – there were hundreds of them and they roosted in the trees all night. They reminded us of the starlings we have at home.
    Do you know grackles?

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  4. It looks a lot like a Common Grackle, but their calls are anything but sweet. The sweet call fits for a Brewer’s Blackbird. We don’t have them here. You could check out Cornell’s All About Birds site, which has both birds and recordings of their calls. Since it sounds pretty I’ll bet it’s a Brewers. I would love to know what you find out.

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