Watch with Glittering Eyes—Thursday, August 11, 2016

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.”–Roald Dahl


Going out to change the water last evening (just before another storm rolled in) I saw this amazing light formation.


Does anyone reading this know what it might be called?  I did a search on the internet, but drew a blank.

The storm was in the west and this was in the east.

Any help will be appreciated it.

It was stunning, to say the least.




22 thoughts on “Watch with Glittering Eyes—Thursday, August 11, 2016

  1. They are called crepuscular rays, and are caused by clouds blocking some of the sun’s rays near the horizon. The darker parts are the shadows of the clouds that aerosols in the atmosphere make it easier to see. They are actually parallel, but perspective makes them appear to originate from one point and spread out.

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  2. We use to see them quite a bit in NM, but not so much here ~ we know them as Sun Dogs, and they do make for a beautiful sky! I don’t think that is their “technical” name, I’d have to email my astronomy research friend.

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  3. You captured rays. My grandmother called them heavenly rays or angel rays. I’ve gotten some too over the years. It happens when there’s a cloud, mountain or even a building blocking the sun, usually when it’s close to the horizon (sunset, sunrise) or behind a cloud and there’s an opening in the cloud that narrows the light. Those are some nice rays you captured.

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  4. The comments were as helpful as your pictures are beautiful!! I’ve seen them too but didn’t know the technical explanation! They always remind me of the ‘holy cards” that the Sisters used to hand out to us when I was in grade school (a thousand years ago). (The rays were meant to be seen as blessings emanating from heaven to us on earth; lovely thoughts, but I think Kenny’s explanation is way more accurate. ;>))

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  5. I hope you laugh with me – I appreciate the actual terminology but I got the term ‘Jesus rays’ from – of all places – a Stephen King book, and it stuck! King explained that the term came from his of all those paintings of Jesus where he has rays coming out from behind his head, or a cloud 🙂 I am an atheist but I don’t use the term in any sort of derogatory manner, I promise! I will always find them beautifully breathtaking.

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