The Beginning—Monday, August 29, 2016

As it says in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:  “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop”


Our firewood has arrived!

Daily we will cut, split, sort and stack this nine cords of wood.   Since we are [now] elderly we will only work for three or four hours a day until we are through.

Winter is lurking—just waiting for us— and we must be prepared.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


37 thoughts on “The Beginning—Monday, August 29, 2016

  1. I remember the excitement of the firewood arriving! I bought mine ready cut into rounds, so I only had to split it, but the splitting was done by hand…. I’m kind of glad I don’t need a wood stove any longer! Our days are getting longer, and we’ve had the coldest day and night.

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  2. We used to go to the forest to cut wood, load it into our pickup, bring it home, take it out of the pickup, cut it into managemable lengths, and stack it ourselves, then in the winter of course bring it in to the woodstove each day. As I’m sure you’d agree, the saying ‘he who cuts his own wood is warmed twice’ is not quite right — it was at least three times. And of course back when we did that — in our former life — we were even younger than you are now (and you are NOT elderly… i don’t even want to be called that and I’m at least a decade older)…. and also, we never needed quite that much wood. It gets cold and damp in Oregon, but nothing like the cold as you get.

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    • We used to truck up to the mountains also, Sallie, but age crept up on us. So now we order a semi-load. They cut, haul and deliver it. Then we get to do the rest.
      Okay…I agree! You all and us are NOT elderly…elderly is the nursing home, 🙂 and non of us are there.


  3. I still have a buck stove and, because there are so many trees on the property there is always wood. However, I bought a pellet stove a couple of years ago and love, love, love it. I still use the buck stove but don’t have to feed it 24 hours a day. I can carry sacks of pellets in my car, don’t need the truck, I use a dolly to get them into the house. Life is (finally) so much simpler, and I only use 40 sacks a winter, that’s about $200.

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  4. I remember those days, yes three or four hours is time enough! That is hard work. Someone said you get warm twice from a load of wood, when you cut and stack it and then again when you burn it. We used to have ten cords delivered and then a load of slabs. Cost us $750 and last year LP Tank only took about $450 for the whole year.:)

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