The Light Flooded Around Me—Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yesterday evening, Terry, Evan and I finished our load of firewood for the day and headed home.  We actually got done in an hour.  We are doing one load a night.  The pile is shrinking—thankfully.  And growing larger at each of our houses.  Maybe by Saturday we will be done.  We sure hope so, all of us are getting tired of the cutting and hauling of firewood.  🙂


(Wild turkeys)

Storms rolled in again in the late afternoon, cooling the skies and bringing rain.  Still the pintos are doing okay.  By tomorrow the rain is supposed to gone for several days.  We will begin again in earnest after the storms get out of here.  (I would like to share with you a little secret….although it doesn’t look so: Harvest is grueling work–and dusty—and worrisome. Most of all worrisome)


(more wild turkeys)


Terry and I had to finish up some stuff back out on the mud ditch last night, after the firewood.

The sky was stunning.

Darkness rolled up from the canyons, trying to fill the air with shadows.  But the light of the setting sun had other ideas.

The deepening shadows turned red and glowed in an amazing splendor behind and through the racing clouds over head.

Terry headed back in, with his load, but I stayed out there.  Letting the light flood around me.  The  silence fell in waves; the minutes with Boomer, myself, the light, and the coming night passed by uncounted for.  It was a stunning

From my world to your heart,




7 thoughts on “The Light Flooded Around Me—Wednesday, September 14, 2016

  1. Oh Linda, it isn’t a secret to me that you two work very very hard, nor that you worry. The beautiful thing about your writing is that your joy in living your life shines through — and that though you may be exhausted (with good reason) you know the work is worth it. And I love the way the two of you work together (big part of the joy I know).

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  2. I understand about the “worrisome” aspect – You’ve but one harvest after waiting and working and waiting some more through the wet or dry times and to be patient ’till it’s in the bin or delivered can be the challenge. Sounds like you have a ‘window of opportunity’ in the coming days though, so I hope all goes well. Be safe and don’t get in a rush. Lovely sky Linda and as always thanks for painting the picture with your description of the oncoming night.

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    • Terry is pulling the last field of beans today. Then we need some very warm (even hot) weather come along and dry them out properly.
      You are so right. It takes a whole long time to grow the crop and then harvest the crop so you can sell the crop. One paycheck a year per crop. Most people don’t understand that. A farmer lives on only the harvested crop for the whole year, PLUS uses that very same money (or has to visit the banker) to start farming again the next year. If the prices are poor…then the paycheck is poorer.


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