The Moon-Filled Night—Thursday, September 15, 2016

As I sit here typing way, the windows are opened to the world; our air is filled with the smell of pulled onions.  The ensilage/silage trucks are busy upon our country road/the sound of the corn choppers carrying on the breeze.

Terry is out pulling the last field of the pinto beans…Harvest is underway!

moon-in-treeTomorrow is September’s Full Moon—The Harvest Moon.  Traditionally the fullest moon closest to the Autumn equinox is the Harvest Moon.  Sometimes the Autumn equinox will will be in October, but only once or twice a decade.

Boomer and I took our walk a little early last night…I really don’t know what the time was, by the silence upon the land said all the equipment, the workers, and the farmers were home. I loved the moon as it broke free of the mountains and filled the leaves of the willow tree with light.  My little camera doesn’t take moon shots very well, but I think the leaves helped bring it into focus.

sunset-thunderstormA thundering sunset had faded away and the night was upon us.  I love to walk at night, with Boomer…there is no worry or fear of the future, no terror’s of the evil being done in the world to people who don’t deserve such treatment…it all falls away…just Boomer and I and the silence of the night.

what-is-leftWe are about done with the huge load of firewood.  It’s a relief!  We are all tired of it.  Terry and Evan cut and I load.  Two pick-ups to stack and fill.  I am the stacker and the filler of the pick-ups.  Sometimes I get behind and they have to stop and help, but not often.  I guess I’m proud, of that little fact,…I can keep up with the chainsaws.

Two more days…the end has appeared!

My mother, my brother, and I used to walk down to our grandparents most evenings, in the summer and fall, (when I was young) and Momma would sing “Shine on Harvest Moon” us as we walked, if it was Autumn.  I loved that song!

I still do. I sing the words, to myself silently, remembering those days, as we made our way past the orchard to our grandparents house, where we would all sit outside on the big front porch and enjoy the last of the good weather.

From my world to your heart,







26 thoughts on “The Moon-Filled Night—Thursday, September 15, 2016

  1. Beautiful, as always Linda. I love the way you are alive to the wonders of your natural world, even in the midst of hard, back-breaking work. And your skies! You find so much inspiration in them. I love the story of singing ‘Harvest Moon’; what a precious memory.
    PS I am no longer doing my blogspot blog but am blogging on my website now. If you’d like to take a look, here’s the link:

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  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures Linda. How nice that you and Boomer can take a walk in the moonlight and just relax and forget all the worries of the world. Your blog has a lovely peaceful touch to it tonight and I appreciate that! Hope you can finish up your pinto bean harvest soon and I’m so glad to hear you’re almost done with all that wood! You are such hard workers. whew. I enjoy reading your blog every day, even though I don’t always comment….know that I am always checking in!!! Thanks for all you do! We are preparing for a move at the end of this month about 4 hours north of here…leaving everything behind. Thank goodness I can check in with blog friends in the midst of everything new!

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