Happiness! — Monday, October 3, 2016

i-love-rainbows-004In the midst of my health crisis (which is OVER…YAY!  My lung has unfolded and I’m back to normal, with only a small amount of soreness)

AND the heavens have given to us more Rainbows today!


The pinto bean combine Broke!

Terry had to remove the header (this is what picks up the pinto beans and loads them into the feeder house


A rock was lurking in one of the rows of pinto beans, got into the header and fed into the feeder house, whereby it mangled everything it could.

After a whole day of repair, by my magical husband, who seems to know how to fix lots of stuff,

unloading-the-beanshad everything put back together and finished the last field of pinto beans.

i-love-rainbows-012I wasn’t much help, as you can imagine.

pinto-beansThe last load of pinto beans will make it’s way to the Beanery right after lunch!

the-road-to-grammies-039We are celebrating, that is for certain and For sure!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



37 thoughts on “Happiness! — Monday, October 3, 2016

  1. i haven’t been current ‘here’ (@ coFarmLife) so didn’t know about uncollapsed lung! you guise werk so hard! even if YOU think you weren’t much help –> “being there” & supportive is a big deal! & I should continue to try to persuade Betty to eat more pinto beans ~


  2. So glad you are better! And So glad the beans are done! It has been such a strange year all around. Everyone here is still trying to get fall seeding done. And it rained last night and will some more. But, we are not complaining about rain.
    Please don’t fall down any more. I fall enough for both of us!
    Terry is a genius. You should keep him.

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  3. I am glad your health is back and you are on the “upswing”. Also glad for the fact that your beans are off. It’s not a good crop till it’s in the bin. ( A “dadism” from my late father) Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Always enjoy reading your blogs! Mrs. Keal (sp) and Mr. Livingston (I think he was our speech teacher?) would be proud of you! Thanks for blessing us with your words.

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  5. It”s great even living like we do to have a husband who can fix a lot of stuff. it has to be really a blessing for you guys — imagine if you had to wait for someone to come out to do those repairs. Eek — . i’m sure glad things are looking up and you got your rainbow luck. Take care of yourself though — don’t do that stuff again ;>0)

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  6. This is quite a blog to pick up with! I’m going to go back in the morning and read a few more to see what happened. I’m happy to hear things are looking up. Magical husband are a requirement for farming as are magical wives. They just have different magic. You have the most awesome skies I’ve ever seen. And your rainbows are epic. I don’t know of many that capture so many as you do. I didn’t think farmers ever retired? It could be nice though. I’m as busy in retirement as before. 🙂 Take care of yourself.

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