Pausing Now —- Thursday, October 6, 2016


Kate sent me a lovely rainbow…clear from the land down under!

Thank you so much, Kate!

end-of-our-roadBeing tired of the ‘same-o-same-o”  Terry said to me: “Pack a small lunch and let’s go for a ride.”

Off we went– over Grand Mesa to Collbran, Colorado…then taking a gravel road we headed back over Grand Mesa toward Paonia, Colorado.

bringing-in-the-cowsWe saw lots of cows being rounded up, to head down to the winter pastures.  Snow was on it’s way.

paper-waspAlthough, most of the leaves had fallen, the bare branches opened up new things for us to see…

nestLike this paper wasp nest!

muddySteadily we made our way over Buzzard to the Muddy Divide

1776Even passing by the Balm of Gilead Park, part of the Escalante-Dominquez Expedition in 1776.

rain-in-the-sunsetWe made it home in late afternoon.  Refreshed.

morningAnd ready to begin again!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,



20 thoughts on “Pausing Now —- Thursday, October 6, 2016

  1. You’ve inspired me, it’s time for a road trip for me and the Mr. We haven’t been out since our trip to Greenville WV to buy some new bulls. We always have such a good time and take the forestry roads when we can. Hopefully, sometime next week and I’ll have to plan ahead. Your photos, as usual, are beautiful!!

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