The Last Rays of the Sun —- Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Before I begin my post I want to thank Kate for showing me how to get back to Classic Editor on WordPress!  YAY!  THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH! KATE!

I love the last details of each and every day!

The stark shadows darkening the farm

The licks of gold and pink highlighting the beauty of the farm

The fiery sun covered in all the nasty smoke, from the tragedies, of all the forest fires

Sometimes the sky such a deep pink, it spreads amazement to all who look and ‘see’

Then gradually the sky grows cooler and the shadows deeper, the night air cooler, then the lights coming on in the house,

Good night, My Friends, Good Night.

From my world to your heart,


The FIRST of the Season—–Sunday, February 23, 2020

All the way from Kate Chiconia in Australia 

“Hi there
We’re still getting lots of rain, and I try and take the dog out for his walk between downpours. Here you can see a lovely shallow rainbow that greeted us at 7am the other day. Enjoy!

There is was in the cloud hidden sky a beautiful halo of light.

Floating, just there, filling the sky with its delicate fluttering colors!

Thank you, Kate!

My first rainbow of 2020!

(I apologize for pushing the button for this to be published on Saturday. I got very excited about the rainbows and wanted to get them UP for early Sunday delivery and pushed send on Saturday. 

I also have been confused with my days, since we went to the grandkids’ basketball game on Thursday, which made my weekend become messed up.  Friday felt like Saturday, Saturday felt like Sunday…old age I suppose.

Anyway, I try to always keep my blog current and active with the days of the week and my life.  Please accept my apologies for posting this on Saturday and again today.)

As always—
From my world to your heart,



Two Gifts from Two Friends—Monday, May 22, 2017

Kate from that wondrous land from Down Under sent me this amazing rainbow photo:

She wrote:

After the bad weather over the past few days, we had the most sensational sunset last night, and at one point a small vertical band of rainbow appeared in the east, amongst pink clouds reflecting off the sunset.  I jumped out of the car and grabbed a photo with my phone – it hasn’t come out brilliantly, and you can’t really see the cooler end of the spectrum, but I thought you might like it for your collection. There was no bow, just this upright band of rainbow colour…

I’ll be doing a post with one of the sunset shots later so you can see just how dramatic it was! (You can click on the blue lines above and it will take you to here blog! 🙂 )
and from the Black Forrest, by Colorado Springs, Elaine sent this one:
This photo was taken last evening ~ Especially for you. Now there is over 3″ of heavy wet snow. Mother Nature… What are you thinking?

I keep thinking… Good for the fire danger because it was so dry here.

How lucky I am to see these beautiful rainbows!

Now you are lucky also!



Pausing Now —- Thursday, October 6, 2016


Kate sent me a lovely rainbow…clear from the land down under!

Thank you so much, Kate!

end-of-our-roadBeing tired of the ‘same-o-same-o”  Terry said to me: “Pack a small lunch and let’s go for a ride.”

Off we went– over Grand Mesa to Collbran, Colorado…then taking a gravel road we headed back over Grand Mesa toward Paonia, Colorado.

bringing-in-the-cowsWe saw lots of cows being rounded up, to head down to the winter pastures.  Snow was on it’s way.

paper-waspAlthough, most of the leaves had fallen, the bare branches opened up new things for us to see…

nestLike this paper wasp nest!

muddySteadily we made our way over Buzzard to the Muddy Divide

1776Even passing by the Balm of Gilead Park, part of the Escalante-Dominquez Expedition in 1776.

rain-in-the-sunsetWe made it home in late afternoon.  Refreshed.

morningAnd ready to begin again!

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,