Curtains of a Chill Autumn Day—Monday, October 10, 2016

storm-coming-inA autumn storm played along the plateau yesterday.   Although the air was still warm enough to go without jackets.

snow-on-the-san-juansThe clouds covered the San Juan Mountain Range…the rugged peaks poking through the clouds show heavy snow in the tendrils of mist

red-cloudsAlthough our mornings comes later every day; the red sky is a beautiful promise of moisture yet to come.

sunshineAnd just for a spell, just before the clouds gathered and shoved their way toward us…the sky was just down right beautiful.

The nights come earlier and earlier now.

SNowStill it isn’t January…of which I give great Thanks!

Your friend,





24 thoughts on “Curtains of a Chill Autumn Day—Monday, October 10, 2016

  1. Moisture here too, it cannot decide to be cold, cool, warm or warmer. Tomorrow 39 high, Friday mid 60s. It is fall but I sure am not ready for the short days! Would appreciate more sunshine though, am I in Seattle or Montana?

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  2. although having lived (livid?) here for many years, I continue to be amazed and (mentally) just stop and gaze @ the San Juans when they come into view. as you know, from our house I/we mainly focus on “the mesa” and sometimes the monument the other dye-rexion. however, if I go up a hill just south of us, oh, less than 1/2 mile (and a couple-hundred-feet UP) — there they are, twice as far from here as for you ~

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