Back in the Day——Monday, October 31, 2016

I’ve been going through ‘stuff’.  I’m a terrible pack rat when it comes to something called –History.  I have a very hard time disposing of it.  So therefore, I have lots of “stuff’.


And, of course every photo and every slip of paper floods my memory with all those experiences years and years ago.

This is me on my mare, Ginger and my brother on his horse Pal.


This is my little filly–TyLee.  Ginger is her mom.

ginger-and-i-1964This Ginger and I, with a friend, Mary Hill, holding TyLee.  Don’t you love the pants stuck in the books look?

And here is one for the memory books–

The girls I grew up with.  Our Mothers and Dad were the best of friends.  I’m the one with most of the dress showing.

Jamie Pinkerton is in the front–she has beautiful black hair, Judy Perkins is standing next to Jamie in front of me, Judy is still just as beautiful today and she was back then.   Then Judy’s sister, but my sister–of– my heart, Dixie, is behind Jamie and next to me.  Dixie is no longer with us.  I miss her every day.

I really don’t know who the baby is, I wish I did.

Well…now THAT was trip down memory lane.

Love you,



39 thoughts on “Back in the Day——Monday, October 31, 2016

  1. How lovely to have such wonderful photos still, and to have friends from those days still. When my mother died, Pa sold the house and threw out such heaps and piles of mementos and photos. We never had the chance to save any of it…

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  2. Sweet memories! Love the pics of you and your horses! You look like an equestrian with your pants tucked in your boots!! I, too, am going thru many old pictures–many of my mother’s are unidentified. So sad. But I do enjoy seeing the dress and history.


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  3. I’m in the same boat – History, family history, genealogy, gotta keep it. Photos, letters, cards, family heirlooms. Now it’s a case of hoping I CAN keep it. I did start getting things scanned but then everything went south and everything is in storage. Do get it scanned, have copies made of photos, identify as many people as you can. It might not seem important, but someday, you kids or grandkids will thank you for that legacy. We were just given several photos of the spouse’s great grandparents, grandparents, and a great uncle and his wife. Precious beyond words, the resembences are strong and we never would’ve know how very much eldest step son looks like his 2x great grandfather.

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      • None of mine are either. I’ve been checking out places to donate my collected research and photos, some public libraries will take such collections and the LDS church might too (whether or not you are LDS as they do have the best genealogy site and collections I’ve ever heard about). If nothing else, there might be a cousin, even a close family friend who would conserve the collection. I’m hoping that the spouse’s eldest son will be a bit more interested in his lineage as he now is the father of two young sons.

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  4. Oh my goodness, what BEAUTIFUL pictures. God, Linda, you were and still are such beautiful person. You, as a baby, are just darling! Like Shirley Timple darling! You look so calm and at peace with your horses. And yes, the style is perfect, head to toe.

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