Hands from Heaven —- Sunday, December 11, 2016


Sometimes the world outside is black and dreamlike—

Last night the sky was so full of clouds and mist so deep it was hard to find a shadow as Boomer and I walked along early in the morning of today I couldn’t help myself thinking we were walking into another world.

The time was about three o’clock with a  chill wind blowing.  The feel of rain was in the air.


I stopped by the hay stack yard letting the scent of baled hay fill my senses, reminding me of summer gone by.

Boomer stopped also, sitting at my feet looking out into last year’s pinto bean field a quizzical tip to his head


It was while I was standing there, leaning against the hay stack wagon I felt a shift in the very dark.  Suddenly the soft sound of the night was gone.


I stayed very still, Boomer also seemed enchanted into stillness.

Then the feeling vanished, like a shower from a falling star.

Walking back to the house, I stirred up the fire, got back to a nice warm bed; I realized how oddly comforting that space in time had been.  For I felt my parents were with me; Daddy put his hand on my shoulder and Momma leaned in an kissed me on my forehead.

Then the veil closed, and they were gone, leaving sadness and peace, all wrapped up as a huge smudged teardrop.

From my world to your heart.



27 thoughts on “Hands from Heaven —- Sunday, December 11, 2016

  1. Wow Linda …. last night I woke up around 3 am and had had a really poignant dream about my parents and the old house we used to live in. It was more than just the usual flicker of thought ….it seemed very long and I was almost on the verge of tears when I awoke. I understand what you’re saying. We can thank God we had such wonderful parents. Praying we’ll see them again some day. Peace to you!

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