The Lights of Christmas Cheer—Thursday, December 8, 2016

houseTerry and I took a wee ride about our town of Delta, Colorado…looking at the decorated houses.  Feasting our eyes on color and charm.

The above, very small house, took the spot of Number One on our drive-about.  These people adore Christmas and the lights that bring greetings to anyone who passes their abode!

It’s lovely!




28 thoughts on “The Lights of Christmas Cheer—Thursday, December 8, 2016

  1. Beautiful!! There are many, many lights here, too. Will have to drive around sometime too.

    Very bitter cold here with wind chill factor in single digits. No moisture here of any kind, tho. A good day for finishing up Christmas decorating and getting cards done.


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    • We drove by them off an on, on our way to our kid’s place…they started decorating the middle of November. I just love how much time and effort they put into it for our enjoyment!


  2. I love looking at Christmas lights too. It’s sad that so many of my neighbors have nothing up. I would do more could I afford it but for now at least I have more than most here. They bring me such cheer. Once my son flies in, he can drive me to look at the lights at night. I love that part of Christmas and always take down the lights last. Mine are all LED too. I don’t waste as much electricity as Las Vega, so when they go dark, I will. 🙂 Have a lovely day.

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