A Gathering Chill—-Thursday, December 15, 2016

evening-pinkI had that one time shot of the perfect rising of the Full December Moon and the setting sun drenched mountains,  then it was back to clouds.

But last evening the the clouds thinned just a smidge

sprinkles-of-sunbeamsWith the air restless, edgy, and even agitated.

sunburstThe sun a very blurry pale burst which blessed somewhere ‘over there’ with it’s pleasant glow.


The clouds had thinned enough to show the disk of the sun, a pale blurry spot in the sky, but sinking lower.

Then the last rays of the sun burst upon the clouds in a luxuriously pleasant intense color of light

There is a feel of rain in the air today.  Although, the clouds are thick, they are high.  It’s not as cold as we’ve been having; I can smell moisture.  If it cools down we will have snow otherwise there is a strong possibility of rain.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



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