All the Way from Oswego, Illinois—Monday, December 19, 2016


Joe Copper has been following my blog for sometime now—

cold-in-oswego-ilHe wrote me a very nice email and sent to me this very cold, but also very lovely photos of his home town, Oswego, Illinois.

oswego-il-sunriseThe first one is the moon, the second one shows the wind whipped land, and the last one a stunning sunrise.


Then to give us a little taste of what the weather people were saying, when he sent the photos…the above!


Thanks, Joe!  I always enjoy seeing what is going on where my blog friends live.  I also enjoy sharing what is sent to me so everyone who reads, can also share in the kindness.

Your friend on western Colorado farm,




19 thoughts on “All the Way from Oswego, Illinois—Monday, December 19, 2016

  1. That is my hometown area of Lombard Illinois..and we had a dental lab in Elmhurst, Illinois. …Hi Joe…thanks for the update on my home area and birthplace, beautiful Chicago Illinois. I would send you warm temps, but where I am now, in Northfield, Minnesota it was minus 27 this morning, and where my home was for the last 55 years in Ely it was minus 30. I have many friends in Elgin right there and my cousin is in St know the song:…If we can make it through December>”…… stay inside and warm and enjoy the downtime if you can…the days get longer after the 21st here…….smiles…Merri

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  2. Far, far too much Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for me.
    I am pleased to say that my new location at beautiful Terrigal
    does not experience anything like that freeze.
    It will not be humid like Brisbane – that humidity I WILL NOT miss.
    The Central Coast sea breezes will be appreciated in summer and only 2 kilometres
    to the beach and a heap of excellent sea food restaurants.
    I’d be surprised if Terrigal even got done to 0 Celsius.


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