From “The Land Down Under”— Thursday, December 29, 2016

3a27a779750e9ab33c9c604c8e8d70b8Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park partially closed due to heavy rain. Picture: James Holding/TwitterSource:Twitter

A very long-time blog reader, Colin, sent this to me from his home country, Australia: This may have been on your news………. something that happens rarely.

The “heavens” opened up over Central Australia— Colin wrote.

He thought you might like to read and see the photos also.

I so agree!


Waterfalls at Uluru as heavy rain across the Northern Territory has forced the closure of the National Park. Picture: Instagram / Paul ManningSource:Supplied

What a beautiful area!  And what an huge amount of rain!

Thank you,


19 thoughts on “From “The Land Down Under”— Thursday, December 29, 2016

  1. It was a stunning event – they had 9 inches of rain in 24 hours, in an area where that would normally be closer to the annual total. The Rock turned from red to brown, and the desert burst into green. If you Google ‘Uluru waterfall’ there are more images and videos.

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  2. Thank you Linda
    The Weather “Gods” really have been on the warpath this year.

    Uluru is not the cheapest destination to visit in Australia. Very expensive to
    stay at the 5 star hotel/lodges near “THE ROCK”, as it is called.

    Climbing the rock is now banned, but years ago my parents did the climb.
    They were “buggered” with exhaustion but it was worth the fee to do the
    climb with guides to the top.
    Also flying to Singapore, Bali, Bangkok and Kuala Lumper, most flights
    fly directly over “The Rock” and if the plane is ahead of schedule and the
    pilot is in a friendly mode, an announcement from the flight deck will tell you
    that the plane will circle “The Rock” for all to view and also the plane will
    descend to a viewing level. That is a REAL bonus, I have seen “The Rock”
    courtesy of Garuda Indonesia, Thai International, Singapore Airlines and Qantas
    coming and going from the above places. It is breathtaking.
    Cheers and thanks

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