Wind Driven Snow—-Thursday, January 5, 2017

snow-storm-003Around four this morning the dark and cloudy skies filled with wind full of snow.


The air was roiling with tiny flakes of frozen water.  As the night lightened into day the wind has continued to blast the trees and pelt the buildings.

Min-Min cat met me at the back door telling me she wasn’t going to spend the day in the barn, the shop or the shed–Thank you very much!  Today she is an inside cat!

The whole sky is shades of gray and white.  I can hear the whistle of wind around the eves of the house and rustling the fire in the wood stove.

The ground is all white now…chilly and soft all at once.  The air is sharp and full of shards, but the ground is starting to look like a Christmas card.


From my world to your heart,


30 thoughts on “Wind Driven Snow—-Thursday, January 5, 2017

  1. goo oo ood photo of the (w)ring-necks!
    yeah, black-dog woke me up @ “dark-thirty” as he usually does to go outside and pee … and, he went about two feet from the door and stopped. and like you chronicled, not only steady white-stuff but WIND-WHIPT as well. I went on a couple inside errands myself so as not to half to wait, and sure enuff, he was still parked, indecisive, exercising bladder control a couple minutes later. NOW it’s well past daylite-thirty and the phenomenon you describe is, of course, still ongoing. think we’ll go out and try to run, anyway …

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      • no! well … you guise have lotsa ice/snow/crappy condishunz deriving XXXpeerience. I just drove 4 miles (4WD F150) to go run a trail, only slipped once, saw perhaps half-a-dozen vehicles do a bit of sliding, and while running slipped and fell on a flat open section of the trail and banged a knee. typical first major snowstorm of the season, I suppose ~

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  2. It’s 3am here, and the whole of our wooden house is creaking and shifting. The wind has risen sharply and the rain is lashing down. Out the front, the floodwater channel is in spate. Oh, and it’s 75°F… Welcome to the tropics, baby!

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