The Bitter Cold Says Hush, Be Still—Sunday, January 8, 2017


It’s cold here!  So cold that your lungs feel frozen when you try to breathe.


There is a hush upon the land, a stillness that says…shhhh, step softly, go carefully, do not disturb the silence of the sleeping earth.

ice-and-shadows-004The woodstove is a blessing!


Still there is a wonderful beauty of the evening sky—the jagged pink line of snow covered mountains


As the setting sun brings to us the darkness…flowing in quietly all around us

ice-and-shadows-019The brilliance fading into gray.

moon-shadowsStill the moon, that heart stopping brightly glowing moon, teases me with the thought I could grab a bare branch, of the highest tree, and swing like a trapeze artist.

If I could do so I  would be able to catch myself on the hook of that growing moon.  Then I would skip and jump from one glowing star to another— walking among the vault of heaven, which arches over our magnificent earth.

From my world to your heart





28 thoughts on “The Bitter Cold Says Hush, Be Still—Sunday, January 8, 2017

  1. Love that glowing pink mountain range, a wonderful shot. We have still more rain, high winds, and the first cyclone watch of the season. There are two tropical lows out there in the Coral Sea, trying to make up their minds about where to go next…

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  2. Peaceful, beautiful, but … (oh you already know what I’m going to say). It has been so cold this winter in Colorado (but our kids there are of course used to it and equipped for it) but also in western Oregon and the Seattle area where the rest of our family are — and they are not used to it. I worry.

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  3. Beautiful pictures, Linda. You have such beautiful scenery to gaze upon! It was bitter cold here last Friday and Saturday..just in time for the 4-H and FFA Livestock Show! Had everything they could do to keep those newly shaved goats warm. AND the water froze at the livestock barn! All had to carry buckets of water to their animals. DGS2’s first time to do this. Was a great learning experience! I donned my down long coat and braved the cold and snow to watch…was fun!

    Keep warm. Blessings!

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  4. I know that cold. It was here last week. The snow is gone but the rain and ice are lingering. A fireplace would be sooo nice. That shot of the moon is stunning. wee don’t get them so clear here. Too many clouds and lights. Snow really does quiet the world.

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