Dancing in Shadows—-Wednesday, January 18, 2017


We had sun for awhile yesterday! And the temperature rose enough to dry up some of the mud.


The heavy clouds cleared and the moon unfurled itself over the farm— lighting Boomer’s and my path with silent silver mysterious and wild moonbeams.  Like the flutter of an angel’s wing.

Today the sun rose in an almost clear sky!

moon-beamsThe late setting moon drifted fast toward the west making the moonlight pulse rather than flicker, in the soft yellow sunbeams, which fell all around the sun-starved earth. Giving the air, the sleeping trees and plants and the drying earth a glow even an angel would enjoy.


So off I am to work in the woodpile—there are logs which need splitting, kenneling to split and gather, plus a few other tasks I couldn’t do because of the mud.  Terry is working on getting the snowmachines ready to take to mountains.

boomie-looking-for-newsAs for Boomer…he can look for news!

From my world to your heart!


15 thoughts on “Dancing in Shadows—-Wednesday, January 18, 2017

  1. A Coyote huh? Well, he’s lucky he didn’t get to close encounter, Boomer! LInda, I can’t understand how you get those pictures, can I take lessons? And Boomer actually seems to be in the footsteps of Armstrong! I’m glad you are out of the mud for a while, over here we are right in it. Last night came snow, that softly falling kind and this morning it started to melt and “blä”, typical winter in southern Sweden nowadays! You can’t read that “blä”, but it means “real nasty”.
    Blessings to you!!

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