Dixie’s Birthday—Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Dixie (the darling little girl with the bottom of her soles facing us) was my best friend all of my life.  From the time we were born.

Judy is one year older than us, (Judy has her hand up) and is Dixie’s sister.  It seems that Judy is always there to pick up the pieces and glue all of us back together.

Dixie always told us (Judy and I) , the first voice she recognized was Judy’s.  For she could remember hearing it from the beginning of all time.


She was a tiny, vivacious, extremely funny and a very intelligent redhead.  (I’m in the plaid and she is the white dress)

We had good times and bad times, wonderful fun times and some miserable fights.  But no matter what, we were always friends through everything.


I am holding the cat; she is holding the cat’s paw.

We lost her over 20 years ago to cancer.  There isn’t a day that goes that I don’t think of her.  To see her in my photos makes me smile, although my heart is stricken.

Happy Birthday, My wonderful friend of my heart.  Although you are not here, I know you are not truly gone.

From my heart always,



25 thoughts on “Dixie’s Birthday—Wednesday, February 1, 2017

  1. Thanks for the photos and memories. Dixie was such a beautiful and delightful person who was a joy to be around. She lives on in the people she touched and watches over you every day.


  2. When I saw the photo first, I thought they were triplets but the the girl on each end looked very much like twins. Your mothers must have been friends also. I don’t know the feeling of losing a close friend. I moved too often to make one so in some ways you are more fortunate to have experienced that close bond with someone. When you celebrate her birthday, you are celebrating the life you shared. I still celebrate the people who are no longer in my life, deceased or not. Good friends are a cherished gift. I love that photo. Hugs for your aching heart.

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