The Evidence of our Lives—-Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Our days are routine, sometimes a chaotic routine, but always a routine.

dad-and-his-catThey are filled with work, the proper sort of work…not that kind of work which makes you labor, or that work you do to make a living, but a simple type of work — a work of the heart.


The peace of daily living touches the soul and gently feeds the heart; the mind.

phoneErasing time and space.


Keeping us young, if not in body then in our essence.


At the end of my life, it will not matter.

on-the-phoneBut daily, one step at a time we walk together within the peace of the  farm.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
From my world to your heart!



23 thoughts on “The Evidence of our Lives—-Tuesday, February 14, 2017

  1. Linda, I enjoy all of your posts from “home,” but sometimes — like this time — your selection of words and images go together so perfectly I can’t imagine it being any better. You captured, described, explained so much in just a few words and pictures — you outdid yourself. For now, anyway. 🙂

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  2. Jonathan > from the first time I came across your blog, I’ve felt your photos are so natural, unassuming, so mundane that anyone who genuinely lives on the land, and especially if country born and bred, recognises as the authentic unromantic un-pretty back-breaking yet profoundly satisfying way of life that is where rest and happiness is found.

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